Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blast from the Past 17 - Facebook Friends Fun

This series consists of notes that I wrote on facebook in the past. Enjoy reading my thoughts during my college years. Please comment but please be nice! Also please feel free to check out my other Blast from the Past Posts.

From March 2007

Ok, I decided that I will update this every once in a while, when I feel like it and delete the old one and put in a new one, so here is a new one:)

Go to your wall and list the last twelve people who have commented you. If someone has commented twice, skip to the next new commenter. Skip spam stuff. Then answer the questions!

[Names have been deleted for privacy. You wouldn't know them anyways so don't cry about it :) (I don't even know all of them anymore) I will tell you that #1 was Mr. Random]

Q: Have you ever kissed number 7?
A: no

Q: What's the best memory you have of 9?
A: umm, lets see, walking back in the woods and getting scared to death

Q: When's the next time you're gonna see 4?
A: umm, tomorrow in Mainstream and Lit

Q: Is number 8 pretty?
A: umm, he is a guy so I don’t think that pretty is a good word to describe him :)

Q: What was your first impression of number 10?
A: umm, I don't remember

Q: How did you meet 3?
A: I met him when I went to a movie with a group of friends that he was a part of

Q: Is 11 your best friend?
A. no, but he helped me plan my wedding :)

Q: Have you seen 5 in the last month?
A: yes, I see her every day, probably close to every hour :)

Q: When was the last time you saw 12?
A: umm, a few hours ago

Q: Have you ever been to 1's house?
A: no

Q: When's the next time you'll see 10?
A: probably never, but I suppose I might run into her sometime when visiting [#12]

Q: Are you really close to 3?
A: no, not really

Q: Have you ever been to the movies with 6?
A: nope

Q: Have you ever gotten in trouble with 2?
A: nope

Q: Would you ever go out with number 7?
A: umm, no

Q: What do you and number 3 talk about the most?
A: umm we talked about the colors of dresses the other day :)

Q: Do you even know 9?
A: yeah, he was a close friend until he abandoned us :)

Q: Would you give number 3 a hug?
A: hmm, probably not

Q: Would you ever go on a date with number 11?
A: probably not

Q: Are you in love with number 12?
A: oh definitely, we are getting married tomorrow :)

Q: Have you ever lied to number 6?
A: I don't think so

Q: Do you know a secret about number 8?
A: hmm, I don’t think so

Q: Describe the relationship between number 9 and number 5.
A: hmm, in one word, complicated

Q: What is the best thing about your friendship with number 4?
A: she is a great person!

Q: What is the worst thing about number 1
A: hmm, he is a weirdo :)

Q: Have you ever danced with number 7?
A: No

Q: How long have you known number 12?
A: since like first grade

Q: Have you ever been in a fight with number 8?
A: I don’t think so

Q: Does number 9 have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: not at the moment

Q: Have you ever been a co-worker with number 6?
A: no

Q: Have you ever wanted to punch number 2 in the face?
A: no, why would I?

Q: Has number 1 ever met your mother?
A: not yet

Q. How did you meet number 6?
A. At the IPFW ballroom dance

Q: Did you ever accidentally physically hurt number 5?
A: probably

Q: Has number 4 ever seen you naked?
A: no

Q: What is the best memory you have with number 8?
A: hmm, well taking econ together was fun :)

Q: Do you live close to 7?
A: no

Q: What is number 2's favorite food?
A: I haven't the slightest idea

Q: Out of your top 12, which one would you say is the funniest?
A: Either #1 or #5

Q: Who is the most flirtatious?
A: #12

Q: If you could change one thing about number 10, what would it be?
A:I don't know her well enough to answer this question

Q: Say something nice about number 11.
A: umm, he is a good wedding planner? :)

Q: Which one lives the farthest away?
A: i think....i don't know

Q: Which one do you hang out with the most?
A: #12

Q: Who is the loudest?
A: #5

Q: The quietest?
A: #8

Q: What kind of car does number 4 have?
A: i don't know

Q: Have you traveled anywhere with number 11?
A: no

Q: If you gave number 4 $100 dollars tonight, what would they spend it on?
A: probably computer or writing stuff or maybe sheep :)
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