Friday, February 24, 2012

Positive Communication

My husband and I were talking the other day and we figured that about 70% of the words that David hears directed at him are talking about love. The reason we figured this is because we are the ones who talk to him the most and about 70% of our talking to him is telling him that we love him. It is incredibly easy to tell a baby that you love him, it just seems to automatically come out many times a day without any attempt to force it or try to remember. I think that we need to channel that type of positive talking in our other close relationships. It doesn't necessarily have to be specifically talking about love but positive communication helps bond people. I know that for me, if I hear more positives than negatives from someone I feel closer to them, and more willing to give of myself in the relationship. Unfortunately the opposite is also true. This is why communicating positives is so important!

Some ideas for inserting more positives in your relationships:
Whenever you think a positive thought say it out loud
Anytime you think or feel negative make a list of 5 positives
Have a positive jar or notebook, every time you are thankful or positive write it in the notebook or on a slip of paper to put in the jar, every week go through the jar or notebook as a family
Write down the things you love about each other and keep it in a place you will see it often, add to it as you think of new things

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Produce Picks

 I saw the best idea at the grocery store yesterday. There was a family there shopping that had several kids, I had noticed them a couple times as I was perusing the aisles (am I the only one who notices when you see the same family or people more than once in the same store?) but what really caught my attention was when I overheard them in the produce section. The dad was helping the children pick out apples, but they weren't just picking out apples for the family to eat, they were picking out apples for each child to have as a treat. The dad was discussing the different apples and what they tasted like, and when he was done each child had picked out an apple of their own. I think this is an awesome idea! Now, my son is only 3 months old so it's not like he is begging for treats at the grocery store, or even giving me puppy dog eyes for them yet. All he wants from me right now is milk. But I know someday he will want treats. And I remember when I was young there were a few occasions where my parents would splurge and get us each a candy bar or something and that was always fun. I have heard that some families buy little treats like special paper or pencils instead of candy, and that is a good idea if you need to cut down on sugar, but I think this family has the best idea. Fruit is totally healthier than candy, and probably cheaper too. And as an added bonus if the child is involved in picking out the fruit they are probably more likely to eat it, so it might help with picky eaters who won't eat fruit. I also remember when my mom would get what we called "fun" fruit, which is basically anything out of the ordinary fruits we would have all the time. Things like kiwi, mango, and even ugli fruit were explored and sometimes loved. So if you are looking for a treat to buy for your kids next time you go to the grocery store, let them pick out a fruit and see if they like it!

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