Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March Sponsor Post - The Thriftiness Miss

Today I get to tell you about a super awesome blog. Here is the information about her blog:

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Hello there! My name is Jessie and I blog over at The Thriftiness Miss
As you can assume from the name, I love to do things the thrifty way. It's kind of turned into a passion on mine since I started blogging. 
At The Thriftiness Miss you'll find lots of crafts, DIY projects, recipes, refashions and re-purposes, kid's stuff, and some sewing all rolled into my little corner of web. 
Let's Connected!
I'd love to have you stop by and say hello sometime. I truly enjoy meeting and getting to know all of the wonderful people out there! Thanks so much for having me Randie!

Some of her super great posts include:

$16 No Candy Easter Basket - I ran into this problem this year, I wanted to make an easter basket for Little Man but didn't want to use any candy. The Thriftiness Miss has some great ideas (including a super cute homemade alphabet soup)!

DIY Batman Cape and Mask - She made these super cute cape and mask out of a t-shirt, with no sewing. They look easy and super fun! I also love the idea of making multiples for the dress up box, great for boys!

DIY Common Cold Relief - The poor thrifty family had to stay home nursing colds on Easter :(. On the up side she posted some great ideas for fighting colds!

Graduation Money Tree - Graduation Season is coming up. Looking for a creative way to give a money gift? This money tree is super cute!

Toddler Play Date - I wish we had one of these bounce houses near me, that looks like a lot of fun! (Although Little Man is scared of slides and new situations, he would probably like bouncing once he got used to it :). What a great thrifty toddler play date!

8 Easter Tradition Ideas - It is too late for this year, but there are some fun traditions in there for next year!

A Week of Freezer Meals - I have been trying to get more freezer cooking in and she has some great ideas. I especially love the smoothies! I never thought to individually package them like that.

Aren't they great, she has plenty more so go check it out!
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