Friday, August 3, 2012

New to inLinkz & First Linky Party!

This week I signed up for inLinkz. I have been joining in on linky parties for months now and have always been planning to join inLinkz and host linky parties. I was only waiting for the right timing to do so. I knew that doing a linky party would take additional time on my part and I wanted to get through the busy wedding time before I made a commitment like that. I knew that with inLinkz I could start out for free and do one free thumbnail linky party, then I would have to pay for it if I wanted to do any more so I wanted to wait until I had time to fully check it out and see if it would be worth paying for. It is only $2 a month so it is not that much, but still I like to know that when I am paying for something it is worth it. Then I recently looked again and they are now offering Ad supported linky parties for free! That means that I don't have to pay anything to continue having thumbnail linky parties. It does have a few less features than the paid account, but they are not ones that I am going to miss right now I don't think. If I do I will reconsider paying at that point. The benefit for inLinkz is that they inserted an ad in the linky party. It is just one small ad in between the title and the links, no big deal for me. Totally worth it!

Anyways on to the party!

The rules:
  • Please follow me in some way. If you absolutely hate my blog then of course don't follow it, but if you hate it should you really be linking up? (I leave that for you to answer :) There are several ways to follow me offered on the right sidebar.
  • Link up directly to the post, not your home page.
  • For this party you may link up anything that you have been working on - crafts, recipes, random musings, etc. I do not mind links to giveaways or parties as long as you state that it is a giveaway or party in the title (I will be monitoring this). Link up whatever you want just please be honest in the title. I am planning to do some themed linky parties in the future, but this one is a free for all!
  • By linking up you are giving me permission to feature your post including but not limited to pictures and quotes from your post, and also to feature your post in my various social media outlets.
  • This is a family friendly, christian blog. I reserve the right to remove a link to any content that I find offensive or not compatible with this blog, with or without notice.
  • Please add a backlink or my button to your blog or post somewhere.
  • Please check out some of the other links and leave some love in some way (comment, pin, follow, etc.)

I cant wait to see what you all link up with!

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