Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Diaper Wars Review 5: Pampers Baby Dry


Pampers Baby Dry diapers are pretty soft. They are not quite as soft as the Little Snugglers and Swaddlers, they are about the same as Luvs, and they are way softer than Parent's Choice. In any case they are soft enough that I would put them on My Little Guy.

Rewards Program
These are Pampers diapers so they have the same rewards program as Swaddlers. Here is the information about it:
Pampers has a great rewards program. You can get points by entering codes from diapers, wipes, and other Pampers products. They also release codes frequently for bonus points. And you can get 310 points for free just for entering these codes. The points can be redeemed for pampers diapers and wipes as well as Shutterfly books and prints, magazines, and items and toys for your child.

Like I said about Swaddlers: I have heard that Pampers coupons are harder to find and put out less than Huggies. I do not know about this since I just started looking for these coupons recently. Right now there are coupons for $1.50 off Pampers available on most major coupon sites, including on amazon coupons.com


Prices are for size 1 diapers for equal comparison.
Walmart - Box of 276 diapers for $47.19 = $0.17/diaper
Amazon - Box of 276 diapers for $44.83 (with subscribe and save, free shipping) = $0.16/diaper
Target - Box of 276 diapers for $44.99 = $0.16/diaper

*Prices reflect the price at the time I checked, they will vary. I am not  responsible for difference between these prices and current prices.

This diaper is similar to the other Pampers in that it is not stretchy around the top edge. Only the part near the velcro tabs is stretchy. And like luvs these diapers are not as big as the Pampers Swaddlers so the baby may outgrow each size a little sooner than they would with the Swaddlers (again the only reason this is a problem is that the diapers get slightly more expensive per diaper the bigger they get, so it is better to stay in the smaller sizes longer). The legs are very stretchy, and there is plenty of room in the bottom for filling. In fit these are almost identical to Luvs.


Pampers Baby Dry are somewhat absorbent. They held the liquid in even all night. They did perfectly fine during the day, but after the first couple of nights I stopped using them at night and just finished using the package during the day. These also gave My Little Guy a rash when I used them at night.

Blowout Rate
My Little Guy had 1 small leak in these. He didn't have any other poops that would have come anywhere near a blowout so I don't know if it would be a regular problem or not.

Wetness Indicator
Pampers Baby Dry does not have a wetness indicator.


I would say that these diapers are ok. I don't think that I will ever buy them again. They are almost identical to Luvs except Luvs can be worn overnight. They skate by on the Pampers name, but they are no better than the cheaper diapers. There are definitely better diapers out there. If I was going to spend more than the price of Luvs I think I would go ahead and pay the higher price for the Little Snugglers or Swaddlers.

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