Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diaper Wars review 1: Huggies Little Snugglers


Softness is important to me, I don't like putting hard scratchy diapers on my baby's soft smooth skin. My motto is if I wouldn't want it against my skin I don't want to put it on My Little Guy. Huggies Little Snugglers are very soft and comfortable. Both the outside and the inside are very soft.

I had wondered about the absorbancy of Huggies because of all of the trouble I was having with my little guys diapers leaking so I went off Huggies for a couple weeks and then came back to them after trying a few other brands. I have now seen that Huggies Little Snugglers are very absorbent. They can hold a lot of pee in them. They do hold up over night even when my little guy sleeps 10-12 hours.

These diapers fit well. There is a very stretchy band on the back so they can fit snugly around the waist without sacrificing comfort. The legs are also stretchy so you can easily adjust how tight the diaper is. There is a decent amount of extra room in the bottom of the diaper to hold in baby's excretions.

 Stretchy band in back
Stretchy sides
plenty of room in bottom

Wetness Indicator
I love the wetness indicator on these diapers! The way that it works is that there is a yellow line on the outside of the diaper extending from the front to the back. When the diaper is wet the line will turn blue. It is easy to read and shows up even if there is only a little wetness. That is pretty important in the first few weeks when you don't really know what you are doing and have a hard time telling if your baby has peed and you are supposed to be recording how many times they have peed every day. I definitely recommend these diapers for the first month or so with your first child.

I see coupons for Huggies all the time.Usually for $1-3 off. On amazon right now there is a coupon for $2 off Little Snugglers. For those who don't know (I didn't know until today, I looked it up for this post :) ) if you go to www.amazon.com/coupons you can find manufacturer coupons for use on Amazon.

Rewards Program
Huggies does have a rewards program.You earn points by entering codes from diapers and wipes, and other Huggies products, and inviting friends (by the way send me your email address if you want an invitation, you get 10 points for signing up through an invitation). Apparently you can also get points for reading articles and writing reviews but I'm not sure how that works because I haven't done it. As far as the rewards go you can get shutterfly products like photo books and photo prints, magazine subscriptions, and things for your children.


Blowout Rate
Well for a while there I thought these diapers would get a bad rating for blowout rate because he was having at least 1 blowout every day, but about halfway through testing he stopped having blowouts. So I'm now thinking that the blowouts may have been a phase he was going through. I am not sure if other diapers would have done a better job of containing the blow outs or not, all I know is that these diapers did not contain them much at all.

Prices are for size 1 diapers for equal comparison.
Walmart - Box of 168 diapers for $33.50 = $0.20/diaper
Amazon - Box of 136 diapers for $28.99 = $0.21/diaper
Target - Box of 168 diapers for $34.99 = $0.21/diaper

*Prices reflect the price at the time I checked, they will vary. I am not  responsible for difference between these prices and current prices.


Overall not a bad diaper, it is name brand so it is pricier than the off brands. Is it worth the money? We shall see as we look at how it stacks up to the competition.

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