Thursday, March 1, 2012

Intro to Swagbucks

I love swagbucks! If any of you haven't heard of it you need to. Basically swagbucks is a search engine with extra perks. As a search engine it is not that great, but the extra perks make it definitely worth signing up for. The perk is free stuff or free money that you get by earning points and redeeming them for prizes in the swag store. The prizes range from electronics, to baby items, to my personal favorite Amazon gift cards! There are many ways to earn point which include searching using the search engine, completing surveys, and installing their tool bar. There are ways to earn by buying things, but I never do those. If you already make a lot of purchases online you can go through swagbucks to earn some of that money back, but like I said there are plenty of ways to earn points for free. I personally have earned over $130 in Amazon gift cards! I will post later with tips on how to maximize your time and get the most swagbucks for the time you are willing to give. For now you can click here get on swagbucks website and look around.

Posts to Come:
How to Earn Swagbucks for Free post 1
How to Earn Swagbucks for Free post 2
How to earn $5 per month with minimal time used
How to earn $20-$25 a month with slightly more time used
How to get free diapers by combining swagbucks rewards and Amazon mom

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