Friday, March 2, 2012

How to earn Swagbucks for Free post 1

If you don't have a swagbucks account go here and sign up.

Install the Swagbucks Toolbar
It has been a while since I signed up for swagbucks so I don't remember exactly how many points this get this gets you, but I do remember that it gets you some and the toolbar comes in very handy later. I personally recommend installing the toolbar in each browser that you use. For instance I use Internet Explorer and Firefox so I have the toolbar installed for each of those. They also have the toolbar for Safari. As of right now they don't have a toolbar for Google Chrome, but I am hopeful that they will someday.

Open your Internet Browser with the Toolbar Installed
You get 1 swagbuck every day for using the toolbar. Using the toolbar means that you open the internet browser with the toolbar installed and you are signed in.

Answer the Daily Poll
One of the options under Earn is daily poll. Go to the page and answer the question there. This will earn you 1 swagbuck every day.

Another option under Earn is NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers). Go to that page. Click Start Earning Now. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click See Next Offer or Skip. Keep doing this until you get to the last page. On the last page there will be a box with words to type into the captcha. Do this and you will get 2 swagbucks. You can do this once a day as well.

Search and Win
If you installed the toolbar there is a search bar on the toolbar, there are also a couple on the swagbucks website. You do not get swagbucks for every search. Swagbucks are rewarded in randomly as you search and you will get different amounts each time you win. The more you search the more you win. I have set my homepage as the search for hotmail (my email provider) because that is what I would go to every day. So I have 1 search every time I open the internet browser. I usually get 1 search win for this every couple of days. Also every time I want to open a new website I search it. For instance if I want to go to ebay, I will search ebay and go through that link. If I want to search for something I will search it and if I can't find that way then I will search Google then search what I want through Google. This adds one extra step to opening every webpage but it really only takes a few extra seconds so I think it is worth it. I usually get 2-3 search wins a day for doing this. This generally earns me anywhere between 7 and 50 or more swagbucks per day, like I said the amount earned varies each time.

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