Friday, March 23, 2012

Super Yummy Healthy Smoothie

The other day I was looking in the fridge trying to find something for lunch and all that looked good was string cheese and pretzels. I knew that I needed to add a little bit more protein so I decided to make a smoothie with a protein shake. It turned out absolutely yummy so I thought I'd share the recipe with you guys!


1 serving protein shake (I used Arbonne Figure 8 Go Easy Ready to Drink Vanilla Protein Shake because that is what I had on hand, you can use what you have or ask me if you are interested in more info on Arbonne's protein shake, I believe they are vegan and gluten free)

Frozen Fruit of your choice (The ammount you use depends on how much smoothie you want. I filled the blender because I think it is still yummy the when it is no longer frozen, so I make a big batch and drink it for a couple days. I used strawberries and peaches because I love that particular flavor combination. I freeze my own fruit and stock up when it it is fresh and on sale. This way I know exactly what is going in my food and it is actually cheaper than buying the same fruit pre-frozen)

Orange Juice (I just use a little bit to make the smoothie thin enough for the blender to mix it)

Sugar (to taste, I think I used about 2/3 c, forgot to put in picture :) )

Bananas (I used 2 pretty ripe bananas, they aren't in the picture because I took the picture after I was done and the bananas I used were the last ones I had in the house)

Optional: Fiber Supplement Powder, Flax Seed Powder, Wheat Germ (I didn't use any of these this time, but ma next time to make it even healthier)


Dump the protein shake, fruit, and orange juice in the blender. If your protein shake is powdered add some water, juice, or milk to thin it down enough to blend. I have never had a blender that could just puree frozen fruit without some liquid. If yours can you don't need as much liquid but you may want to add a little.
Blend until smooth.
Add sugar and blend until smooth again, repeat until you like the taste.


Yummy!! I absolutely love smoothies and have for years, but I usually don't add protein shake. Using the protein shake makes it a more viable option for lunch instead of a snack. I had 2 cups of this, a string cheese, and some pretzels for lunch, then I had some more that night and the next day. I thought that the bananas successfully hid the protein shake. If I had used a powdered shake I would have wanted a few more bananas.


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