Saturday, October 13, 2012

Painting the House: Little Man's Room

Happy Friday Everyone!

I have been crazy busy painting like mad. We are painting every room upstairs (There is 1 room in the basement that we could paint, and would love to, but it just seems like it may be asking too much of ourselves right now) Which means that I have been painting for 3 weeks straight, and off and on for a week or two before that. It has been really busy and it is killing my neck (which was already hurting a lot and I have been seeing a physical therapist about it for a while). It is a pain in the neck (literally :) but I think it will be worth it. The house already looks soo much better and feels more like our home (not just what someone else picked out before us). So anyways I will be showing you guys the new rooms in our house as I have the chance to.

Today I am going to share Little Man's room. This was actually painted almost a year ago. It was the first room that we painted in our house (of course, for some reason the children's room always seem to be the first ones painted). My Mother-in-law came over and helped me paint it when Little Man was about a week old (it was supposed to be before Little Man came, he came 2 weeks early, and of course by help I mean that she did the vast majority of the work because I was dealing with a newborn who took a minimum of 1 hour to eat every 3 hours). Anyways when we got it done it looked fabulous.

I am totally kicking myself for not getting any before pictures so I could show people to give an example of how much better it looked after it was painted. I will try to describe it to you. It is a small room. It had medium dark wood style paneling on the bottom, with wood trim and an ugly pinkish tan on top. It was dark and depressing and before we started turning it into Little Man's room it was just our junk room (we had only been living in the house for a couple months before we got pregnant so it was the room that the unpacked boxes hid so we didn't have to see them).

So anyways, without further ado here is is Little Man's Room!

 We were going for an ocean theme, but we didn't want to be too themey. The colors are baby ocean blue, light tan (sand) and white for the trim. We were thinking about doing some sponging on the blue part to make it more oceany but when we got done painting it this color it looked so great we didn't want to change it. We would love to replace the carpet too, but that is not in the budget right now.
 The TV was in the room so I could watch it during the late night feedings (like I said he took at least 1 hr to eat, I needed to do something) so I wouldn't wake Mr. Random by watching in the living room. It has been removed and will not be replaced because I don't think it is good for children to have access to their own TVs.

The changing table came with the crib, I was planning to just use the top of a dresser and a changing pad until I got this one for free. It turns out that I absolutely love having the changing table because I don't have to bend over constantly when changing diapers (I had to use a changing table attachment on a pack and play for several weeks while his room was being painted and aired out and it killed my back). If you are going with the dresser option make sure your dresser is a good height for you to be working over several times a day.

The cabinets and doors were all brown too. As you can see when everything was brown it would have been very dark and small looking.

Well that is it. It is a small room, but we fit it all in and it looks soooo much better than it used to. I hope you enjoyed this peek into our home. Come back for more!

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