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Blast from the Past 21 - For guys who think they're so good but can't find a good girl, and girls looking for a good guy

This series consists of notes that I wrote on facebook in the past. Enjoy reading my thoughts during my college years. Please comment but please be nice! Also please feel free to check out my other Blast from the Past Posts.

From April 2007

For guys who think they're so good but can't find a good girl, and girls looking for a good guy

I copied this from a friends buletin. I had to edit it a little because I do not agree with all of it, but all the original wording is there minus the offensive words. When I changed words within the text they will be in []. When I have a comment it will be in ().

I'm sorry,
That I was raised with respect;
not to sleep with you when you were drunk,
for not to sleeping with you just for the sport.

I'm sorry,
That my body's not ripped enough
to "satisfy" your wants.

I'm sorry,
that I open your car door,
and pull out your chair like I was raised, and
to say thank you and tell you I appreciate you
for respecting you.

I'm sorry,
That I'm not cute enough or popular enough
to be "your guy."

I'm sorry,
That I am actually nice, caring, patient, understanding
not an [stupid guy]. Nobody else can see it.

I'm sorry,
I don't have a huge bank account
to buy you expensive things. (girls don't need a guy with a big bank account, just one who loves them and makes enough to support them)

I'm sorry,
That I would like to spend quality nights at home...
just cuddling with you, cooking for you,
or even being in your beautiful presence.

I'm sorry,
I would rather make love to you then just [have sex with] you like all the rest of the [stupid guys]. That I want you to feel my love in my passion with you.

I'm sorry,
That I am always the one you need to talk to, for always being there when you needed me, but never good enough to date, or thank. I know you've thanked me, but it's hard to accept it so much.

I'm sorry,
That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, and on my pants.
That when we went out, you went home with another guy. (guys if you are a good guy then you should want a good girl, and good girls don't do this stuff, so why do you want her anyways? Why do you talk about girls going for the wrong guy when you are going for the wrong girl?)

I'm sorry,
That I am there to come to see your beautiful face, filled with tears at 2 in the morning, or pick you up at 4 AM when your new man hurt you and dropped you off in the middle of nowhere,
but not good enough or to busy to listen to me when I need a friend. (ditto above)

I'm sorry,
If I start not...being there, being used as a door mat, and only to be thrown to the side when the new [stupid guy] comes around, or when anything else has your attention.

I'm sorry,
If I don't answer my phone anymore when you call, just to listen to you cry for hours. I often get just as upset and cry quietly with you..hoping you to hear me or worry about me... instead of getting a couple hours of sleep before work or school.

I'm sorry,
that you can't realize.. I've been the ONE all along.

I'm sorry,
That you hooked up with my friend, knowing that all I wanted was to be with you.

I'm sorry,
that you go running back to the guy that hurts you so much.

I'm sorry,
If you read this and know somebody like this
but don't care.

I'm sorry,
That you can't accept me for who I am...

I'm sorry,
that no matter what I am, what I do, what I say, and what I am willing to do FOR YOU........ will never be enough to keep you from continuing to look for something better.

I'm sorry,
that i get upset when you find something more fun and decide to throw everything we have away on a short new experience.

I'm sorry
that no matter how honest i am with you, you still doubt me when it's mentioned by another.

I'm sorry
For not being sorry anymore, sorry for giving my all only to have it thrown back in my face.

Ladies always [complain] and [complain] to their friends that there is never any good guys out there anymore, and they always end up with [stupid guys] who treat them bad. Well ladies next time your [complaining], maybe look up to see who your [complaining] to, (when I complain about guys I usually complain to girls, guys don't really understand) maybe that special someone is right there hanging on your every word like usual, screaming in his head "why don't you give me a try?"
Because the person you are usually searching for is right by you.

If you're a guy and you agree with this letter, repost as "I'm sorry" and add a little if I forgot something

If You're one of the few girls with enough balls (why would we want male parts? I thought guys liked us as girls?) to repost, and you would never make your guy feel this way, repost as "To all the girls who can't accept a good guy"

(I will reiterate. If a girl does not see you for the good guy that you are why are you chasing her? There are girls who really are looking for good guys, just like there are guys who are looking for girls who want good guys. So why don't you stop complaining and go find a good girl.)

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  1. Why, why, why, do women like 'bad boys' so much? The frustration this engenders comes out so clearly in this post. I remember very vividly turning my back as a young woman on some sweet, caring guys because they weren't 'hip' enough. I grateful that God finally helped me make a very good marriage with a good man, but the road was very rocky getting there. It doesn't have to be. When I have the opportunity now to talk to young women, I encourage them to make a list of what they want in a man, what is negotiable, and what is not, and use the list as a dating guide. It works. It really does. And it helps them focus beyond how the young man looks or smells or feels.

    1. I agree, I don't know why but is seems that a lot of girls are attracted to the bad boys. And knowing what you are looking for in a man is an excellent way to look past external features and see the man within. Thank you for giving these girls such great advice!
      However girls are not the only ones to make these stupid decisions. Guys also tend to go for girls that aren't good. That is why this frustrated me so much. I have heard so many times about guys who are waiting for a specific girl to turn around and notice them. Why are they waiting? Why don't they stop going for the bad girl and go out and find a good girl who is ready for them? Why do they sit around complaining instead of doing something about it? Sorry for ranting, I am just sick of guys complaining about girls only wanting the bad boys.


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