Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fascinations 8 - Friday Fascinations is back! - Everything Linky Party

I had to stop the Friday Fascinations Linky Party a couple months ago because life was just too busy (with painting our house) and I didn't have time to give the party the attention it needed (because linky parties do take a decent amount of time).

Well now that we are done painting and we are past the holidays I would like to start up Friday Fascinations again. But I am going to make a few changes. Trying to do a weekly party was just too much for me. I felt like I never got to write any posts besides party posts because I was constantly working on those. So I am going to start with a biweekly party and if that is still too much then it will become a monthly party. This should not affect you too much because I am going to leave the party open for the entire time that it is up. So if it is a biweekly party it will be up for 2 weeks, if it is a montly party you can link up any time in that month. I will do this because I like the idea of there always being a linky party going on. I find it very frustrating when I hear about a good linky party, go to the site and it is not running. I do not have time to haunt other people's blogs just waiting for their linky party to go live. The blogs that have a linky party going on the longest get the most link ups from me. There will still be no limit on how many posts you can link up so feel free to link up more every week! I am also going to be experimenting with how the links are shown. If you don't see your link at the bottom don't worry, it may show up in the middle or at the top. This is an effort to make it more fair, since the ones that are linked up first usually get the most views.

I am not sure yet how this all will affect the feature posts. I will be experimenting with where I want to put those. I may have them be a separate post or I may put the features on the party following the end of the link ups. I will just have to try and see what works best for me. But don't worry, there will be features :) 

So anyway without further ado here is the party!

This week we are going to do an everything linky party. You can link up anything that you have been working on, thinking about, writing about, whatever. Literally any post of yours that you would like to share with my readers link it up!

Oh and if you have a linky party that you would like me to visit please link it up in the Link Up Your Party Here tab above. I love visiting parties and when I have time I go to that tab and visit all the parties that are open at that time.

The rules:
  •  For this party you may link up anything that you have been working on - crafts, recipes, random musings, etc. I do not mind links to giveaways or parties as long as you state that it is a giveaway or party in the title. Link up whatever you want just please be honest in the title. I do some themed linky parties sometimes, but this one is a free for all!
  • Please follow me in some way. If you absolutely hate my blog then of course don't follow it, but if you hate it should you really be linking up? (I leave that for you to answer :) There are several ways to follow me offered on the right sidebar.
  • Link up directly to the post, not your home page.
  • By linking up you are giving me permission to feature your post including but not limited to pictures and quotes from your post, and also to feature your post in my various social media outlets.
  • This is a family friendly, Christ following blog. I reserve the right to remove a link to any content that I find offensive or not compatible with this blog, with or without notice.
  • Please add a back link or my button to your blog or post somewhere. You can find my buttons in the button tab above.
  • Please check out some of the other links and leave some love in some way (comment, pin, follow, etc.)
Oh and I'd love it if you would take a button!


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