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Blast from the Past 25 - 50 Goals

This series consists of notes that I wrote on facebook in the past. Enjoy reading my thoughts during my college years. Please comment but please be nice! Also please feel free to check out my other Blast from the Past Posts.

From April 2007

50 goals

My cousin has 103, I was determined to think of at least 50. I realized the other day through various conversations that not even my close friends and family knew that I had a lot of goals for my life. So I started making a list, and here is the first 50, I will continue making the list and post more when it seems to be worthwhile.

[Me current day - I thought it would be fun to add into this post what I have achieved from this list, so I will be inserting comments. They will be in [] so you can tell what is new]

So anyways here are 50 goals that I hope to achive sometime in my life:

1. graduate college [done!]
2. get a degree [done!]
3. teach English in Taiwan [Not done, and unlikely to happen since I have a husband and kids now, but oh well, I like this path better :)]
4. write a novel and get it published [hasn't happened, still possible, but I have found that I am really more of a short works writer, like this blog and children's stories. I have trouble concentrating on one story long enough to write a novel]
5. write a series of children’s books [I have written a couple, none published yet]
6. buy my own kiln, or work somewhere that I can use one regularly [hasn't happened yet, still possible but expensive, so we'll see]
7. make a movie [I have made some short stuff]
8. train myself to get up earlier for devotions [I don't get up earlier, but I have gotten to the point where I do devotions every morning, currently I am not doing well on this but I have before]
9. grow closer to God everyday [I am trying]
10. surround myself with people who are actively growing in God and who will encourage me to do the same [We have done a pretty good job of this, we have an awesome church family and family group!]
11. become fluent in Spanish [hasn't happened, but I do remember a few words from high school, for some reason pinguino is the word that most often comes to mind, it means penguin, not sure why but it is stuck in my head]
12. be a nanny [I have nannied for several families, before I became a mom]
13. get married [done!]
14. have children [done!]
15. tour Europe [hasn't happened yet, who knows, maybe someday]
16. travel as much as possible [well we take a couple vacations a year, as much as we can afford]
17. visit each of the 50 states [I have been to some, going to a new one in a couple months]
18. visit every country in the world (highly doubting that this will happen) [Unlikely and expensive, but who knows :)]
19. bake a soufflé [haven't yet, anyone have a good recipe]
20. invent a new food [well I have lots of recipes, I'm not sure if I can say any of them are truly new]
21. do all of my hw every night, or even better the night before (yeah, that’s not going to happen :) [yeah, totally didn't happen]
22. invent a way to cook without having to clean up afterwards [Well I guess I kinda did, because my husband does the dishes, but I can't eliminate all the cleaning, sorry sweetie]
23. worship God fully with all of my talents [This could probably use some work]
24. be good enough to, and not too nervous to, sing up front at church sometime [I did this for a while, but then felt that it wasn't where I was called to serve]
25. learn to overcome my nervousness in talking and singing in front of people [I have done this somewhat, I still get nervous but I can function through it, so it doesn't stop me, but it could use some more work]
26. paint a mural [haven't done this, but still hope to someday]
27. become fluent in at least one other language, maybe more [unlikely to happen, but who knows, maybe someday]
28. learn to ballroom dance really well [well, I do ballroom dance, don't know if it is really well, it is good enough for me, I no longer want to be really good, I just want to be good enough to have fun]
29. learn to play the piano [hasn't happened yet, well I know 2 songs, but that's it]
30. study culinary arts [I took a baking class, it was fun]
31. learn how to start my own business [I have learned, and I did start this blog]
32. make a pair of glass or ceramic slippers that are functional [haven't done this yet, and I don't know if they will be functional but I still love this idea]
33. have a library room in my home, and have enough books that I have read to fill all the shelves [We really don't have room in this house for a library, honestly it kinda seems like a waste of space now, but we do have plenty of books]
34. have met 1,000,000 people I my lifetime [I'm not keeping track, so I will have no idea if I will or have ever met this goal]
35. have lead a lot of people to the lord [I have led some, but not for a while]
36. become the person God wants me to be [I hope so :)]
37. invent something new that is really useful [I have ideas, but no actual inventions yet :)]
38. figure out what I (or God) want to do with my life [Well I know what I am supposed to be doing now, I think, that is the best I can do :)]
39. own a white bug with pastel polka dots [hasn't happened yet, and is unlikely since it is a little impractical for a family, but you never know]
40. pay off all my college loans before I graduate, or enough of them that it won't be a hardship for me to finish [Well I didn't pay them off before I graduated but we paid them off before they started collecting interest]
41. learn to invest in stocks well [Well I didn't do this one and the next one, and have no plans to

because I found a better way, playing the stock market is gambling, investing in mutual funds is a good investment]
42. play the stock market and win
43. build a ceramic house [hasn't happened yet, I don't even remember why I wanted to do this anymore]
44. learn to fly an airplane [Hasn't happened yet, pretty unlikely, but I suppose possible]
45. overcome my fear of Frisbees (or discover a way to make them all disappear from the earth) [I don't think either of these things is going to happen, oh well :)]
46. have enough money every year to fill at least two shoeboxes for the shoe box mission thing [so far this has happened, yay! Last year I made six!]
47. be financially worry free (someday, hopefully, but not likely :) [This is pretty true right now.I don't know if it is possible to never worry about money, but we are in a good spot thanks to God, Dave Ramsey, and my husband's job]
48. figure guys out [is that possible? I know Mr. Random really well, but I don't know if I would say I have him or any man figured out]
49. have enough time to volunteer wherever I feel called [well I'm not working any more, but I'm not sure I have time, hopefully I will be able to get organized enough to have time :)]
50. think of 50 goals !! [obviously I did :) And recently I made 100 goals!]


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