Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Party Time! 11th Giveaway - 2 Jars of Pink Zebra Candle Sprinkles and Renaissance Glimmer Kit (& Pink Zebra Candle Sprinkle Review)

Our eleventh giveaway is 2 Jars of Pink Zebra Candle Sprinkles (the winner picks the scents) and a Renaissance Glimmer Kit.

This giveaway is sponsored by Alona Ocariza-Sanchez a lovely Pink Zebra Consultant.

Alona provided a jar or sprinkles for me to try and review. The jar that she gave me is the sweet pea and lily scent.

What it looks like -
It comes in a cute pink and white zebra stripe box which is great for gifting. The jars are pretty too, and the sprinkles are little droplets which look nice together with the packaging. The sprinkles are meant to be poured into a dish for a candle warmer or made into a candle. They are very versatile! The jar is made of glass so you could potentially put a wick in the jar and make it into a candle.

What it smells like -
Like I said, the scent Alona sent me is Sweet Pea and Lily. It smells so good! Every time I smell it I immediately think mmm. I seriously love this scent, I'm not sure she could have picked a better one. But from looking around the website it looks that there are several other scents that I would love too.

How does it perform -
It melted down very easily. I put some sprinkles in a small candle dish on a candle warmer and they melted down in 10-20 min. They also made my house smell wonderful! I think that the scent lasted 2-3 hours (and I only used about a tablespoon of sprinkles). And it smelled just as good when it was melting as it does cold. It now has less smell, but I think that that is normal for scented candles. This would also be good for those with allergies because it is a soy based product.

Conclusion -
I would definitely recommend this product. It works wonderfully for me. And I love the scent!

*I was provided a jar of sprinkles in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Here is some more information that Alona provided about Pink Zebra:

What is pink zebra?
Pink Zebra is the newest and hottest home fragrance in today's industry. PZ wax is 100% made in USA soft soy (grown by KY farmers). Our products include stylish candles; simmer pots, hand soaps and lotions and accessories, unique Sprinkles and flameless home fragrance.

What are sprinkles??
Experience the newest innovative house fragrance from Pink Zebra called Sprinkles. Sprinkles are made in America of our premium Soft soy wax. Sprinkles are unique and have different uses (burns in simmer pot alone,add another fragrance to create a fragrance recipe, add them to our candles or any existing candles and create their own glimmer candle using our glass and wicks. You can use a little at a time or a lot. Just simply sprinkle them! We offer a cleaner burning and consistent candle. Burns approximately 30% longer. Responsible, renewable, and sustainable earth friendly wax.
Please don't forget to LIKE my facebook page and visit my website for the sprinkles scents and other products.

Pink Zebra Charity
For every $500 party, Pink Zebra donates one full day of daycare to a single mom. I think this is wonderful! I am hoping you will help me get my on-line party to that level because I would love to be a part of that moment. Order Pink Zebra from my on-line party.
If you order visit my on-line party and place an order now, you will even have a chance of winning A FREE JAR of SPRINKLES! How cool is that??

Monthly specials
Specials Buy 2 jar of sprinkles or cartoon get renaissance candle glimmer kit free
Buy 2 lotions/2 hand soaps get black iron caddy

If you would like Free Samples, have any Questions about Product, or even thinking about being a Consultant (mystery gifts when u join my team) you can contact me alz2386@yahoo.com
Giveaway prize: 2 jar of sprinkles of winner's choice and renaissance candle glimmer kit

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