Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Party Time! 12th Giveaway - Super Sponsor Ad Space on Domestic Randomness

Our twelfth giveaway is One Month of Super Sponsor Ad Space on Domestic Randomness.

This is another one of the giveaways that I am sponsoring. I love promoting my wonderful sponsors and I would love to have you join the Domestic Randomness sponsorship family!

In honor of this wonderful party I would like to offer half off any ad spot on my blog. Simply visit my advertise page and use the code HalfOffAd when you are checking out.

I'd love it if you'd take a button!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Marianne SandlingMarch 9, 2013 at 6:45 PM

    honestly, I haven't read enough to have a favorite... I came becuase of a giveaway, and I've spent the last (oh goodness...don't know how long) entering all your giveaways!!! ;) I do like the DIY chalkboard post though!

  2. :) I'm glad you got a chance to enter! and thank you, I like the chalkboard too.
    Subject: [domesticrandomness] Re: Domestic Randomness: Party Time! 12th Giveaway - Super Sponsor Ad Space on Domestic Randomness

  3. I'm with Marianne here, I stumbled upon your giveaways and haven't even had time to check out anything else! I love any DIY/tutorial posts, the most recent one I read was the DIY Towel cake my SIL is getting married and now I must try this! Great blog!

  4. :) I'm glad you got to enter them :) Feel free to look around when you get a chance, I have several tutorials and lots more! The Towel Cake is super awesome. A bit time consuming, but a sure crowd pleaser!

  5. I love giveaways. At night when I can't sleep I enter them. I have not had a chance to look around here much. I came from Tightwad in Utah's low entry giveaway post. I will look around though Randie.


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