Sunday, March 3, 2013

Party Time! 9th Giveaway - Unconditional, a novel by Eva Marie Anderson

Our 9th Giveaway is a book - Unconditional by Eva Marie Anderson.

This giveaway is sponsored by me. I received this book accidentally from the same company who sent me Firebird. When I checked with them about what they wanted me to do with it, they said I could offer it for a giveaway so here it is!

I haven't read it, but I have seen commercials for the movie and read the children's book. It is a story about loss of faith through hardship and how God works through it all showing that his love never stops, even when we go through hard things.

Want a chance to read this book? Enter below!

I'd love it if you'd take a button!

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  1. I would love reading reviews on products that aren't on tons of other blogs.. for example, your pink zebra one... I'm tired of seeing the same ones everywhere!! :) thanks for being unique!!!! I'd LOVE to know your secrets... from one blogger to another... I can't seem to get these types of products! (I'm in the masses who review similar products... lol)

  2. Etsy is a great place to find lesser known products to review. That is where I found the Pink Zebra consultant and several of the other giveaways. There are several teams on Etsy to connect bloggers and etsy shop owners who want to have their product reviewed or offer a giveaway. (This advice didn't originally come from me, I found it on another blog :)) I am still trying to break into the more popular niches :) I do enjoy unique reviews but I would also love to review some of the more popular items like baby toys and other household stuff. If you have any advice for where I could find those products to review I would love to hear it!
    Subject: [domesticrandomness] Re: Domestic Randomness: Party Time! 9th Giveaway - Unconditional, a novel by Eva Marie Anderson

  3. I'd be interested in items for teens.


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