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Pregnancy Week 25 Update - Little Man 2

This post is very late, I am actually in the 28th week now, but I typed this up a couple weeks ago and never got around to posting it (forgot the camera cord when i was going to post it). But I figured since I had it typed up I should post it, so here it is hopefully I'll get a more current one up soon :)

Week 25 Pregnancy Update Little Man 2

The nausea is still hanging on tenaciously. It is gone most of the time, but it still crops up occasionally. I think it is probably related to being overheated. When I was a child I got extremely nauseous at night if I got overheated, and I think that this may be related to that. Crackers and sitting still until it passes helps. So does not waking up in the middle of the night (but I can’t always affect that :))

The stress/ anxiety hormone has really been hitting me hard this week. I have been crazy busy setting up for our garage sale this weekend, and planning for our vacation next week. And my body has taken that stress and turned it into constant worrying and mini panic attacks. I am normally a very go with the flow, low stress person, and this worry and stress is driving me crazy. The best coping mechanism I have found on the really bad days is to just put on Gilmore Girls, work on what I need to, and not think about anything serious.

My hips are starting to ache more (I’m not talking about round ligament pain, I have that too and this is different). I had horrible aching hips when I was pregnant with Little Man 1 so I assumed that I would have to deal with that again this time. I found out the first time that I can’t sleep directly on my side, if I do I won’t be able to walk the next day. My solution is to sleep partially on my side. I sleep propped at an angle with a pillow behind my back, a pillow under my stomach, and pillows under my legs. When I am sick I put a large wedge pillow under me, and another pillow under my back. I use large pillows from a couch we used to have. The couch was the type that had a hard back with pillows instead of a soft back. We got rid of the couch after Little Man 1 was born but I kept some of the pillows because they were so useful for sleeping on.

Another thing that helps is having a Prenatal Cradle (I got mine off of Amazon or Ebay, I forget). If you haven’t heard of it, it is a contraption that helps hold up your baby bump and helps relieve the stress from your back and hips. It really does work well. The only downside is that the straps around the top go really high so you have to wear shirts with a high neckline or your straps will show. When I was pregnant with Little Man 1 I wore it a lot for work (I was working at a daycare and constant lifting of other children when pregnant can be very hard on hips and back). These days I mostly use it if I need to walk a while or if the pants that I am wearing are not supportive enough. But I am very glad that I have it for when I need it.

One new tip that I found out this time is that softening the bed also helps with the hip pain from sleeping. We have a sleep number bed so I am blessed to be able to just soften or harden my bed whenever I want. If you do not have that luxury you can use a thick mattress topper or a pillow if that works for you.

The baby is moving like crazy. I am starting to wonder if this little one will be more active than Little Man 1. It is hard to tell because I don’t remember exactly how much he moved, but it feels like this one might move more. One night when I was laying down to sleep I felt him flip his entire body, and then flip it again.

We also have a name for him! (sorry, I won’t share it on here, so you will know him as Little Man 2 unless I can think of a better name for here, but if you are one of the few readers who knows me in person you can ask :))

The doctor appt last week was very short, basically everything is going well, no questions, we’re good. I found out the next appointment is the 28 week appointment where they do a bunch of labs including the gestational diabetes test. This is just the 1 hour test and I really hope I pass it this time. Last time I had to do the 3 hour test (I passed it) and it may have been one of the worst things of the pregnancy (and that is saying a lot).

I am starting to get more excited about meeting this little one. I can’t wait to cuddle a newborn again!

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