Sunday, July 28, 2013

5 Random Questions 2

I love answering random questions, and I love reading other people's answers to random questions. So I thought that would make a fun series. I will answer the 5 questions in my post and you can answer them in the comments. We can all get to know each other better, how much more fun can you get?

So here we go 5 Random Questions:

1. What's your ringtone? One of the ringtones that came with the phone. I always enjoy going through the ringtones when I get a new phone and picking which ones I like. I use a different one for Mr. Random so I can tell if he is calling me just by listening. ANd I keep the same tones for the whole 2 years (unless I start hating them) because otherwise I would forget that it's my phone that is ringing.

2. How old were you when you had your first kiss? Was it meh or toe-curling? I was 19 and it was with Mr. Random. We actually say that we had 2 first kisses. Our first first kiss was before I knew that I loved him and I didn't feel anything. Our second first kiss was when I told him that I loved him and it was pretty toe curling :).

3. Do you have any siblings, and if so, where are you in the birth order?
I have one older brother and two younger sisters. I am a middle child with older middle child syndrome (I have all the worst traits of the oldest and middle child). Since I was the oldest girl I was sorta an oldest child too.

4. What was your first car, and did you name it? I don't remember the type any more. I bought it from a relative for $800 and it lasted me 6 months. My second car I bought from another relative for $300 and lasted me a year or two. My third car I bought from a dealership for $5000 and it lasted me 2-3 years. My 4th car was the first one that didn't completely die on me. I bought it for $300 from a relative when car #3 died suddenly and unexpectedly (the engine exploded) and drove it for around 6 months until we saved up for our current van then sold it to another relative and it is still going strong, it is ancient, well over 200,000 miles, has been passed around the family several times, and is the only car besides my current one that is still running, crazy huh? The current van (car #5) is currently in the shop for 3 weeks which will hopefully fix the major oil leak, if it doesn't we will run it to the ground and shop for another one. Can you tell I don't have great luck with cars? And no, none of them have had names, I'm not great at naming cars.

5. What would you request for your last supper?
hmm, I don't know, I would want to spend it with everyone that I love, but I have no idea what food I would want, I'm dying so does it really matter? Plus if there is a food i really like, or want to eat I make it, that is the benefit of being the cook :) Maybe something expensive that I could never afford to order.

I can't wait to read your answers!

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