Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Computer Tips from Mr. Random: Tab Your Way to More TIme

We have a wonderful new guest blogger on Domestic Randomness. Say hello to Mr. Random! And because he is so wonderful (if you don't believe me that he is wonderful you can read about his wonderfulness in many of my posts including this and this), anyways, because he is so wonderful he has agreed to become a regular guest blogger on Domestic Randomness! Mr. Random works with computers regularly so he has a lot of knowledge and expertise to share with us. He knows a lot of shortcuts and even some fun practical jokes you can do with computers. His first tip for us is about using the tab key to save yourself some time.

So, take it away Mr. Random!

When you are filling out a form that has multiple spaces in which you need to input information - instead of navigating and clicking the mouse in each space all you have to do is press the “TAB” key to move the cursor to the next text entry field. 

What if you accidently skip a field that you need to enter information into? Never fear, in that case press the “CTRL” key + the “TAB” key and the cursor will move back up to the skipped space.

That is it for this week’s Computer Tip.


Isn't that interesting? I knew that you could tab through different fields but I didn't know that you could go back using keys. I always just use the mouse to click back. That would save a decent amount of time. Also as I was asking Mr. Random about how this works he showed me how it works in Microsoft Word. I didn't know that you could tab your way through the menus on Word (and other Microsoft Programs), did you know that?

If you have any questions about how this works feel free to leave them below and we will answer them. 

Thanks for reading and please comment below to leave Mr. Random some new blogger love!

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