Monday, July 29, 2013

How to get Feedburner to send emails again

First of all, sorry about the huge inundation of posts on your feed and email this morning. And I'm also sorry that you haven't had any updates in your feed or email for a couple months. As you read below you will see why and how it happened.

I noticed a couple days ago that I hadn't been receiving emails from feedburner with my new blog posts for a couple months. So yesterday I decided to see what the problem was and if I could do anything about it.

First I checked with Mr. Random and he said he hadn't been recieving them either, so I knew it wasn't a glitch with my email, but I checked in the junk folder anyways, just to make sure they weren't accidentally seen as junk. I also checked on feedburner in my email subscribers to make sure that we hadn't accidentally been deleted or deactivated there.

When both of those checked out I went into Feedburner's troubleshooting page to see if they had any advice. It wasn't listed as a known problem, so it was probably something wrong with my account. I pinged them as it said and that didn't do anything, for some reason the last post on my feed was from May. I looked through several group posting on their site (none of which were helpful, it was just a bunch of people saying that they had the same problem, but few had an answer, and most of those answers were long, complicated and difficult to fix, they really should have feedburner employees monitoring those groups to give answers). I also checked my feedmedic and it said my blog was doing fine. Well I knew it wasn't fine, the feed hadn't updated in 2 months.

So I decided to try resynching my blog, even though the page said it should be a last resort option. When I clicked the resynch now button it popped up with a couple of alerts at the top that said that I couldn't resynch. One of them I diddn't understand, and don't remember. The other said that my feed was too big and I needed to get it below 512K. Well that was finally helpful because the last trouble mentioned in the common trouble list was a too big feed with a link to this help page with very clear easy directions to fix the problem. I simply went to the page, followed the directions exactly step by step and set the max results to 15.

And it worked! I checked my feed last night and it had updated to the 15 most recent posts. And I got the email this morning which sent out the 15 most recent posts. I didn't intend for it to completely flood people's feeds and emails (thankfully they came all in one email, not 15 separate ones) so I am sorry for that, but I am glad that it is fixed. It should be back on track and my posts should come to your feed or email after they are posted now, which is generally 1-3 times a week. Please don't drop me because of one crazy glitch :) Sorry for the inconvenience and let me know if you have any issues with it. Thanks for sticking with me through this crazy time!

Hopefully this also helps someone who is having this issue on their blog :)

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