Sunday, August 4, 2013

5 Random Questions 3

I love answering random questions, and I love reading other people's answers to random questions. So I thought that would make a fun series. I will answer the 5 questions in my post and you can answer them in the comments. We can all get to know each other better, how much more fun can you get?

So here we go 5 Random Questions:

1. Have you ever been hospitalized, and if so, what for? I think I might have been after I was in a car accident as a very young child. Since then the only time was when I was giving birth to Little Man.

2. How tall are you? Do you wish you were taller or shorter, or are you just right?
5'7" I think I am just right. I wouldn't want to be shorter, and I had a sister who was an inch or two taller than me and she always got teased about her height so I wouldn't want to be taller.

3. Do you prefer to DIY or hire it out?
Generally DIY, I like to save money. Some thing we hire out for like when we had all of the electrical in the house redone, or if the heater/ac has issues. But if we can figure it out and it is worth our time we will do it. I love DIY crafts/art and cooking :)

4. What do you eat for breakfast?
It varies, but not a lot/ I like to eat yogurt and fruit, or crackers, occasionally oatmeal or cereal. I love hot breakfast foods like pancakes, bacon, biscuits with gravy, etc but I don't spend that much time on breakfast so we have those things for dinner sometimes

5. What would you do for a living if you didn't need money?
I would do what I am doing. I would be a stay at home mom, and I do enjoy blogging. If money were no object I would travel more.

I can't wait to read your answers!

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