Thursday, August 15, 2013

The $1 Date

I am going to tell you about a super fun and affordable date that Mr. Random and I had. Most of the time we have pretty standard dates - dinner and a movie, an arcade, the mall, etc. But every once in a while it is fun to step out of the box and do something a little different. One way to make a date a little different and more fun is to have a theme.

The theme for this date is $1. There are many ways that you could go with this date anything that is $1 fits in the theme. For us the date was broken up in 3 sections.

Section 1 - Dollar Menus
Mr. Random and I decided to become connoisseurs of dollar menu burgers. The plan was to hit every type of fast food restaurant that has a dollar menu and try their basic burger to see which ones were the best. When we got going we realized that we would have to drive all over the city in order to do that so we just picked one area that had several different dollar menus available.

We ended up hitting McDonalds, Wendy's, Rally's, and Taco Bell. Technically Rally's isn't a $1 burger but it is less than $1.50 so we decided it fit in the category. And yes, I know that Taco Bell doesn't have burgers, but we decided to think outside the bun because we thought we needed at least 1 more food to make sure we got enough, plus we really love their empanadas. We also planned to hit Burger King but for some reason they were closed that day so we didn't get to try them :(. Wendy's is not in the picture because after eating there we decided we needed to eat the burgers at the same time so it would be a better comparison.

Our Findings - Rally's was by far the best burger! If you only have a little money and you want a good burger go for Rally's it is worth the little extra that they charge. (This is not in any way sponsored by Rally's, we were just having fun :) McDonald's was by far the worst burger, they really need to step it up they are falling behind the competition. We always like Taco Bell, so it was good, and obviously not a real comparison for burgers :). Wendy's was ok, not horrible, but nothing compared to Rally's.

Section 2 - Dollar Shopping
We picked 3 stores (we would have picked more but we ran out of time before section 3) and our challenge was to find something there that we wanted for $1. We ended up eating in the mall food court so we first looked for a store in the mall that we could buy something for $1 (Do you know how hard that is?). We ended up at Bath and Body Works and got a hand sanitizer for me for $1.50 (a little over $1, but the mall does not have tons for $1). Then we went to Target and browsed their $1 section and we each found something that we wanted. I got a flexible ice cube tray and Mr. Random got a toy to play with Ryan. Last we went to Dollar Tree and our challenge there was to find a snack that we both agreed on to use for section 3.

Section 3 - Dollar Theater
We went to the dollar theater to watch a movie. This was kinda a cheat because it now costs $3 each, but it used to be the dollar theater and we all still call it that so it works :).

So that was our $1 date. We had so much fun, and it was very affordable!

Have you ever done a $1 date? What other activities can you think of for $1?

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