Friday, June 3, 2016

Grocery Picks of the Week 6/3/2016

I realized that I am going through ads to find the best deals and there are other people out there who would love to have this information. So I decided to start a new series. These are the things that are a good price/ I am planning to buy this week. These are the on sale things in my area. I shop in Fort Wayne, IN so I know the prices are good there. I think that they might also be good in other places in Northern Indiana, Ohio, and southern Michigan, but check your own ads before you head to the store!  Also the ads change over on different days, so make sure the sale hasn't ended before you go! Also you can ad match at Walmart, so if all you need are these things then go to Walmart and shop there, I never go to all these stores :). I am not guarenteeing to do this every week, because I do not go shopping every single week, but when I do check the ads I will try to update you all :). Happy Shopping! I hope you get some great deals!

*disclaimer* these prices represent the prices in my area at the time of publication. I can not be held responsible for changes in price, etc. Check your ads before you go to the store! (pretty much all ads are available online or on the flipp app)

*disclaimer* the produce prices are often not for organic produce. At the quantity that my family goes through produce I can't afford to shop organic. If I find an organic price that I am willing to pay it will be listed on here.

My short hand:

StF! - Stock the Freezer! - these are great prices that are so great that I would buy a bunch of them and put the extra in the freezer. Pretty much all meat and most produce can be frozen. There are plenty of instructions for how to freeze things online. I have instructions for butter, cream cheese, browned meat, and marshmallows.

Gp - Good price -this is a good price that is worth getting enough for the week (or however long it will be good for fresh, some things are only good a few days, some are good for several weeks - months) but it is not good enough to StF!

Tp - Treat price - This is an ok price, that is better than what the price has been recently so I might buy 1 or 2 depending on what else I am buying, but it would just be for a treat, not enough for all week and definitely not StF!.

ea - each, it is priced per item

/(quantity) - it is priced per quanity - per pound (/lb), per ounce (/oz), per 8 ounce package (/8oz pkg), etc.

My picks:
I only need produce this week, so that is all I looked at in the ads

Fresh Thyme
Grapes $0.88/lb, StF!
peaches$0.88/lb, StF!

Fresh Pineapple - $0.99 ea, Gp

Mushrooms $0.69 /8oz, StF!
Seedless Cucumbers $0.69 ea, gp
Kiwi $0.69/ 3 pk ($0.23 ea), gp
Grape tomatoes $0.99 /pt, gp
Blueberries $1.49 /pt, Tp

Raspberries 10/$10 (1-6oz pkg for $1 or buy 10 and get 11th free), Tp
Organic baby Cut carrots $1/ 1 lb bag, gp

Rural King
Seedless Watermelon 2.98 ea, StF!/gp (this is a great price so I usually buy as many as I think we will go through in 1-3 weeks, I don't usually freeze or save them, but I do know you can freeze the fruit, and they are also really yummy dehydrated) (I am not positive that Walmart will ad matchRural King so if they don't I will use the price below)

Save a Lot
Seedless Watermelon 3.99 ea, gp

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