Friday, April 20, 2012

Distasteful ingredient

I hate onions. There I admited it. I can't stand them. I hate the smell, I hate the flavor, I hate the way they make your eyes water when you cut them, and I absolutely cannot stand the crunch (I have a texture issue with certain crunchy foods such as onions and water chestnuts). There are no fresh onions in my kitchen (that is why the picture is of minced onions, I didn't have an onion to take a picture of), like ever, unless someone brings them over, which wouldn't happen very often I don't think. I keep dried onions around in case I really feel like I need them in a certain recipe. But the only recipe I regularly feel like they are needed in is chili. You know what the worst part of hating onions is? They are in everything. I mean it, everything. And most people can not imagine cooking without onions (Yes, it is possible, and yes, the food can still taste good. My husband is a die hard onion fan and he loves my cooking. Trust me the onions are not necessary, everyone just thinks they are for some reason). In public I simply pick the onions out, or eat around them. In other people's home it depends on the dish and how prominent the onions are as to whether I eat around them or woman up and put up with the thing that I don't like. I really try not to be rude. I don't ask for individualized dishes, I don't mind picking them out if the cook doesn't mind. But I am never quite sure what the correct etiquette for this is. Imagine with me for a moment. Think about the food or ingredient that you don't like. Imagine if it was in a vast majority of dishes that are served to you and so prominent that people can't imagine ever cooking without it. What would you do? What is correct etiquette?

What about you? What do you do if there is an ingredient in a dish that you don't like? What food or ingredient do you really dislike?

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