Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to Save Money and Food: By Freezing Spaghetti Sauce

Another food that I was having issues with going bad before I could use it was Spaghetti Sauce. Unless I am making spaghetti I rarely use a whole jar of spaghetti sauce for one meal. And quite often the extra spaghetti sauce goes bad before we have another meal that needs it. I recently found a great solution for this problem. I have started freezing spaghetti sauce in small manageable portions.

I used silicone muffin cups (these made it very easy to pop the spaghetti sauce out after it was frozen, if you don't have these you could line muffin tins with aluminum foil or wax paper. Line your muffin tins however you are doing it.

 Fill the muffin tins with spaghetti sauce. Place in freezer and freeze over night or for several hours.

After the spaghetti sauce is frozen through pop out of liner and put in freezer bag.

When you are ready to use the spaghetti pull out however many you want to use put in a microwave safe container and microwave until thawed. Check every once in a while and stir. For the picture below I put it in a ramekin for a dipping sauce.

You can also freeze sauce in ice cube trays, I just wanted larger portion sizes.

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