Saturday, May 12, 2012

What do I want to Do for Mother's Day?

My husband has been asking me for a couple days what I want to do for Mother's Day. Since it will be my first mother's day with a child here in my arms (We counted last year as the first, but we kinda downplayed it because Little Man wasn't here yet) so I want it to be special. But I was not sure what I wanted. In my family we usually brought mom breakfast in bed (or something burnt on a tray in bed, or in the later years a yummy breakfast is coming get back in bed, we did actually have some adventures and fun times with that I will have to ask my sister's to remind me of some of the stories) and then usually we would take mom out for Chinese food or make her Chinese food at home (I'm not sure why, but it was always Chinese). Both of those ideas appeal to me in some way, but I doubt that Mr. Random will bring me breakfast in bed (who knows, maybe he will surprise me :), and while I would like to go out to eat somewhere it doesn't have to be Chinese food. I did some research (googled Things to do for mother's day) and found 20 Thing to do For Mom on Mother's Day where Tip Junkie made a list of every cliche mother's day activity and made it into a printable, cute, but not all items on the list are my taste, how do you adapt a printable? (why would I want a haiku or a corsage? but I wouldn't mind #s 5, 15, 10 all of which involve Little Man telling me I am awesome in some way, but Little Man is too young to do that :) And I found 16 Things Mom Really Wants which basically says we don't want anything cliche but give us all this other stuff instead (I like #s 12 and 16, and kinda secretly want #s 10 and 11 for someday, but I'm good right now, and I like the comment about not making decisions for 24 hours) Anyways like I said Mr' Random has been asking me to figure out what I want to do so that we will have a plan for the day. So I finally took a few minutes to think about it and here is what I came up with:

What I want to do For Mother's Day
Breakfast (maybe in bed, maybe not :) by the way I found this door hanger for Mother's Day Room Service, totally cute!
Lunch Out (I do not want to have to cook at all)
A nap, if I want/need one
A Long, Luxurious Bubble Bath
A nice long relaxing Massage 
Relaxing and hanging out with my hubby and baby
Time to work on art or crafts or something else I don't normally have time to do
Supper (again something I do not have to cook, and preferably not leftovers of something I cooked,or totinos)

What I want to receive for Mother's Day
I knew the answer to this as soon as I opened groupon this morning. One of the groupon's going on in my area is

Choose Between Two Options

  • $25 for one 60-minute massage (a $50 value)
  • $75 for three 60-minute massages (a $150 value)
Choose from Swedish, deep-tissue, sports, pregnancy, or geriatric massages. See descriptions of each modality here.

I chose option # 2. Of course our budget for Mother's Day presents is $10 so, I am paying the majority of it out of my birthday and Christmas money, but I don't mind that since I am getting 3 massages! Yay! Super Excited about that!

All of that may sound materialistic and me focused, but that is because I already have what I really want for Mother's Day. I have my son, that is all I really need to truly celebrate Mother's Day. He is the best Mother's Day present I could imagine, and the best part is I can be with him every day, not just Mother's Day.

So what about you? What would you like to / are you planning to do or receive for Mother's Day?

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