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September Sponsor Spotlight and Giveaways!

Hi all! Today I get the awesome privilege of introducing you to a great blog. White Lights on Wednesdays is one of my personal favorite blogs. I have been following her for a while! I even gave her an award once! And she also happens to be a sponsor for September! Yes, I know it is no longer September, and yes I know that the button may not even be up on the sidebar anymore when you read this. But I didn't get a chance to post her feature post in September because of the crazy construction and painting busyness that has been  going on here. But I do not back down on my word to my sponsors so she is getting a feature post, it is just a little late :). Check out my Advertise Page to see how you to can join the Domestic Randomness Sponsorship family. And use the code FALLSPONSOR to get 50% off of any sponsor spot for October! Oh and stick with me all the way to the bottom because we are doing a couple great giveaways!

So I was going through White Lights on Wednesdays just to get an idea of what things I might want to feature and I just opened up anything that looked interesting to me. I did narrow it down a bit, but I still have a huge list and I just can't choose so you are going to get to see them all. Lucky you! Check out all these great recipes and posts!

Garlic Parmesan Pull Apart Bread
Umm, can I say Yum? Like monkey bread with a savory twist. this looks so good!

Chick Fil A Slider Knock Off 
I don't care how you currently feel about Chick Fil A (that is another conversation, not one for this post) they make good chicken. If these knock offs are half as good as the original they will be yummy! I have had this pinned for a while and really want to try it.

Soy Glazed Salmon
I have a bunch of Salmon in my freezer that I got on sale. Also I have been wanting to eat more fish. Solution here.

Puke Chicken
Don't let the name fool you (and yes she does tell the story of the name) this looks like a great recipe! Mr. Random loves very basic meals so he would love this. I also finally learned what a bechemel is.

Elmo Cookies
What kid doesn't love Elmo? Aren't these adorable!

Homemade Crab Puffs
We actually never get crab puffs at restaurants because we don't spend money on extras so I am excited about the possibility of making my own so I can try them. Plus I have a can of crab meat sittin g in my pantry waiting to be used.

30 Before 30
Making lists and goals is a great way to keep on track ( need to find time to make lists and goals, if I had a to do list I could add it to that :) See Julie's goals and use them as inspiration to make you own list. Also fun to see what she has accomplished from her list.

The Blog Binder
Another great way to get/stay organized! Must make to do list so I can add this. First I have to get through painting and finding my house again. Someday!

Since the holidays are coming up I thought I would spotlight a few of her holiday posts from the past.

She has a No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe that she uses as the basis for all of her sugar cookies (including the Elmo cookies above and the cookies below). I am also drawn to her post about her Christmas Bake-a-Thon because I also bake tons of cookies every year for Christmas. I started this tradition 4 years ago when I got married and invite my sisters and cousins to join me in the cookie making fun. I like to give plates to neighbors and friends.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies
Thanksgiving (and Little Man's 1st Birthday) are just around the corner. Wouldn't these cookies be great for a Thanksgiving party? (No I am not doing a Thanksgiving theme for Little Man's birthday, I just can't think of Thanksgiving without thinking of his birthday anymore since he was born 1 week before Thanksgiving). Anyways check out these adorable cookies! Great activity for the kids that day!

Christmas Tree Cookies
This might just be my single favorite post of all of these. I LOVE Christmas and all that goes with it (You might just get Christmas posts well into January and February because I will be busy having fun and enjoying the season but will want to share everything with you :) And I LOVE this cookie tree! It is sooo cute. It is pinned on my Christmas board so I will remember it. I am thinking of taking one to church for our sharing time, maybe a couple other places if I have time to make several. Can you tell that I love this?

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