Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Ultimate List of Carry-In / Potluck Meal Theme Ideas!

I complied this list a while ago and thought that you all might enjoy some new ideas. Our family group likes to get together for a meal every once in a while and we have found that having a theme for the food makes it easier to plan and more fun. We have done a rice bar, noodle theme, mexican, and soup but there are many other theme ideas! See which ones below spark you interest. And if you have any other ideas leave a comment below and I'll add them to the list.

noodle theme
murder mystery
Comfort Food
Breakfast for Dinner
Crockpot Foods
Grill Out
Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks
Rice Bar
Around the World
Finger Foods
Seasonal (Fall foods, summer foods, etc)
Alphabet (pick a letter and everyone makes something that starts with that letter, or everyone is assigned a different letter)
Soul Food
Food from the Past
Pick a Country
Favorite Movie Foods
Gilligan's Island
Last Meal (anything from what you would want for your last meal to what famous people had for last meals to what inmates requested for last meals to what Jesus had at the last supper)
State Fair
White Trash
What came first (chicken and egg dishes)
Super Bowl (must be served in a bowl)
New Orleans
Mom's Best Dish
Rainbow Meal
Monochromatic Meal
Best Story (food that has a great back story)
Favorite Book Food
Stuffed Food
5 Ingredients or Less
Unlikely Fusion (mix two different countries or ingredients)
Round Foods
Elvis Dinner
Sausage Fest
Chili Cook Off
Mystery Can (Bunch of cans, take off labels, each person gets a can and must base their dish on that)
Rolled Foods
Random Holiday themed (Meatloaf week, ice cream day, waffle day, etc.)
City Theme (Chicago, New York, Miami, etc.)
College Food
Just 1 Part of the Meal (just appetizers, just desserts, etc)
Earth, Wind, Fire, Water
Salad Bar
Picnic Foods
Baked Potato Bar
Chili Bar
Special Ingredient (pick a special ingredient that has to be in every dish, or everyone bring their "secret ingredient" dish)
Kid Inspired Food
Last Name Meal (everyone brings something that starts with the first letter of their last name)
Food on a Stick
TV Show Theme
Shaped Food
Hell's Kitchen
Restaurant Copycat
Bar Food
Draw a Country (each person draws a country and makes something from that country)
Take me out to the Ball Park
Pop day (related to pop, or have pop in the name)
English High Tea
Fire and Ice (Spicy or cool foods)
Sweet and Sour
Budget Stretchers
Meatless Monday
Takeout Tuesday (Everyone bring their favorite takeout)
Diner Food
Garden Party
Portable Food
Individual Pizza Party/ Pizza Bar (have crusts and all the toppings, people top their own, bake and enjoy)

Do you have any fun stories about potlucks that you have been to or hosted? What is your favorite theme?
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