Sunday, December 15, 2013

5 Random Questions 16

I love answering random questions, and I love reading other people's answers to random questions. So I thought that would make a fun series. I will answer the 5 questions in my post and you can answer them in the comments. We can all get to know each other better, how much more fun can you get?

So here we go 5 Random Questions:

1. Do you want children? no, I'm good. Just kidding, yes, I have always wanted kids, and am thrilled with the two that God has given me, and am willing to care for any others he asks me to.

2. Do you want a church wedding? Yes, I had a church wedding.

3. Are you religious? I am a Christ follower. I don't consider it to be a religion, for me it is a relationship.

4. Do you like reality TV programs? I enjoy some of them, like I said last week I watch Bachelor and Bachelorette with Mr. Random.

5. Do you like TV talent shows? I used to watch American Idol with my family sometimes, but since I'm not huge into music I wouldn't put it on much.

I can't wait to read your answers!

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