Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baby Fascinations

I think my little guy is rapidly following me in my random fascinations. He loves to stare at the handle of his car seat. We have not put any toys on it, or painted any cute design on it (those have both been suggested many times as either why he stares or what we should do to entertain him), I also kinda dought he is doing quantum mathematics in his head, and I sincerely hope he does not dream about it when he gets older :). I don't know what is so interesting, but he does. The other day we caught him smiling at it :). I have started calling it his friend and we now put it up just to let him look at it. And today I was wondering does he think its talking to him when I am talking? He is also now friends with the octopus toy on his play mat :) Ah the joys of a 3 month old randomly fascinated :)

 This is the handle

 This is what he sees

 This is his octopus friend :)
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