Monday, May 28, 2012

Diaper Wars Review 6: Up and Up (Target Brand)

Sorry this post is so long in coming. I actually started testing the diapers several weeks ago but then I started a round of antibiotics and discovered that me taking antibiotics meant Little Man got really bad diaper rash no matter what diapers were on his bottom. So I waited until I was through with that and tested a whole package after that to make sure that I gave up and up a fair trial. So here it is :)


Prices are for size 1 diapers for equal comparison.
Walmart - Not sold at Walmart
Amazon - Not sold at Amazon
Target - Package of 50 diapers for $6.29 = $0.12/diaper (Size 1 of Up and Up is only sold in the smaller packages but it still beat all the other brands in price)

*Prices reflect the price at the time I checked, they will vary. I am not  responsible for difference between these prices and current prices.

Up and up is great on absorbancy. They work about as well as the name brands I think. They hold the moisture in, and I have not had any problems with them even over night. These ones I trust both day and night. Luvs and Pampers Baby Dry I stopped using over night and only used during the day.

Up and Up is not super soft like Little Snugglers and Swaddlers, but it is still pretty soft. Like I have said before softness is important to me and these diapers I am comfortable with putting on Little Man.

The back has a little bit, not a ton, but a little bit of stretch. The sides have plenty of stretch. The bottom has plenty of room for filling. These diapers are pretty decent sized so they should fit Little Man for a decent amount of time (it helps that he is super skinny and has a tiny rear end. He is now 15 lbs and according to the diaper weight sizes he should be in size 2 but these still fit him).


Rewards Program
Up and Up does not have a rewards program.

I have not seen any specific coupons for up and up diapers but any generic target coupons you could use for these diapers.

Blowout Rate
I tried a few of these out a few months ago at the end of his blowouts and they were not bad on the blowout rate. When I tried them again this time he did not have any blowouts, so I think they are pretty good, but I don't have any definitive data.


Wetness Indicator
Up and Up does not have a wetness indicator.

Up and Up is definitely a winner. It is a good quality diaper (not on par with Snugglers or Swaddlers but still a good quality). And it is definitely a good price, it is the cheapest of all of the brands so far. This one I find trustworthy both day and night. Definitely worth the money!

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