Saturday, June 16, 2012

Coffee Themed Present on a budget

This present actually fell together completely separately from the shower theme, it just so happened that they fit together very well! Since I have so many things to pay for around the wedding (shower, dress, beauty treatments, multiple presents, bachelorette party, etc.) I have been watching store sales, garage sales, and good will for things that my sister would like that would go well in presents for her. She loves coffee so when I found these items at various sales I snatched them up!

Items to include

I included:
A set of espresso cups and saucers    (garage sale)
2 bags of starbucks coffee    (cvs sale w/ coupon)
Small book about coffee    (good will)
Rolled wafers    (dollar tree)

You can include coffee mugs, biscotti, chocolates, or anything else that you find that would go well in a coffee themed present.

I arranged all the items in a basket (also bought at good will) and wrapped 2 pieces of tissue paper (dollar tree) around them. I got tissue paper that matched the shower color theme so my present matched the decorations :). I also found this really cool shrink wrap bags at dollar tree and placed the present in that. The bag shrinks down when you blow hot air on it with a blow dryer (it is really cool to watch!).

It takes a little while and you have to go over each area several times. I put the card inside the bag before I shrunk it. I put a bow on the outside of the bag.

I think it turned out pretty cool! What do you think? What would you put in a coffee themed present?

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