Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guest Post: Glass Etched Lemonade Pitcher

Hi Everyone! Just Wanted to let you know that I am participating in the Grow.Swap.Share Blog Swap today. You can find my post about a DIY Chalkboard Tray over on Jill's blog Create.Craft.Love. But for now check out this awesome Glass Etched Lemonade Pitcher that Jill has so graciously shared with us!

Hi everybody!  Big thanks to Randomly Fascinated for having me guest post today!  A little about me...
My name is Jill and I blog over at Create.Craft.Love.  I am a working mother and wife who finds comfort and solace in creating.  
I have a great summer tutorial for you today!  What do you make when life hands you lemons??

Some lemonade!  Or in this case, a lemonade pitcher!

I found this awesome glass pitcher at Hobby Lobby - ON CLEARANCE!  I've been wanting to glass etch a pitcher for cookouts and such but couldn't justify spending $25 - $30 on the pitcher.  {Especially since my Little Guy would probably break it anyway!}  So when I spotted this, I knew I could finally do it!

 Here's what you need:
Vinyl stencil
Armour Glass Etch
Sponge brush
Glass pitcher

Glass etching is SUPER easy!  I used my Cameo to cut out a vinyl stencil for the pitcher.

My pitcher was 3.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall.  So I made sure to keep the font and picture within those limits.  I chose Bodoni MT for the font.  And the cheery, fresh lemon image is Dear Lizzy Lemons C00023_27175.

Once the vinyl was cut, I carefully removed all the letters and the inside of the lemon with my Silhouette hook.

Carefully, detach the vinyl from the backing and place on the pitcher.  (You can move the "middles" once you have the rest of it well-placed.)

Some of the middles have been replaced and some have not.
Make sure you get all the bubbles out of the vinyl so the Armour Etch doesn't bleed into areas other than that which you want to stencil.

Glop on the Armour Etch.  I usually let mine sit for about ten minutes after it has been applied.

After it has sat for ten minutes, rinse off the etching cream under warm water.  (It will look like it didn't work until you take off the stencil.)

Dry thoroughly so the etching shows up well and that's it!

I took some pictures with lemonade in the pitcher but you couldn't see the etching.  Looks refreshing though!

Before you even ask, I do not have a special lemonade recipe.  This is just Crystal Light!!  =)
Does anyone have a good homemade lemonade recipe?  I would love to hear it!

Thanks so much to Randomly Fascinated for letting me post today!  I have really enjoyed the Grow.Swap.Share. Blog Swap!  Hope you stop by Create.Craft.Love. for a visit!


Thanks Jill for such a great idea, I think I need to try out this glass etching stuff!

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