Friday, December 21, 2012

How to Help Sandy Hook

I am incredibly sheltered. I don't watch TV (we only watch things that come on DVD/VHS except in rare cases) and I don't read newspapers. I only listen to the radio in the van. So I only hear about things if someone tells me about it or if I see it on facebook or on blogs or something like that. I didn't even hear about the tragedy last week until well after the fact. I have struggled with how to respond to it. What should I do? A lot of bloggers did a day of silence and that is an interesting idea, but honestly the way I have been posting lately a day of blogging would look like most other days on here. I have faithfully read the posts that I have seen about people's responses even when it would be easier just to turn away and not have my heart hurt by all of this. I have been touched and even cried over the thought of families with empty arms, packages under the tree that will be not be opened, lives hurt and torn apart. I am very sorry for all the families who are affected by this senseless tragedy. I was presented an opportunity to help them in a small way this week and I wanted to share it with you in case you are searching for a way to help too.

I found this post that gives a couple way to donate and also answers the question of why they would need extra money. If you are looking for some way to help please go over and check it out.

How to Help Sandy Hook (Newton)

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