Sunday, December 16, 2012

100 Goals for 2013

Today I am not posting a  Blast From the Past Post because I have something even more cool for you. This is my 100th post. Whoohoo! So I thought it fitting given our proximity to the new year to post 100 goals for 2013. I got the Idea from Money Saving Mom's 2012 Goals Update. This post was was my inspiration and also provided me some of my goals. If you haven't heard of Money Saving Mom you need to go over and check out her blog, she has all sorts of amazing information on ways to save money and earn extra money and just make sure you are in a good place financially. I also got some ideas for goals from 43 Things and Mind Tools.

Yes, I know that they are not all for 2013, but I thought it sounded better that way :)

By the way, I am not insane, I know that I will not be able to achieve all these goals. I just figured that it would help me know what I was working toward and keep me on a track that I want to be on and choose to be on, instead of one that just happened to me. I want to start happening to my life instead of letting it happen to me (or however that saying goes).

So anyways, here they are:

Long Term
1.      Pay Off House 
2.      Save up and either add on to current house or buy a new house with cash
3.      Have good relationships
4.      Have more children
5.      Serve the community and world
6.      Continue as a Stay at Home Mom
7.      Home school our children
8.      Be Organized
9.      Have book(s) published
10.  Express myself through Art
11.  Travel
12.  Be more positive
13.  Have better posture
14.  Be healthy

15.  Go to bed by 11 pm
16.  Get up by 9 am
17.  Only check email during email time
18.  Think about (and adjust) my posture twice a day
19.  Write down one good thing someone else did every day
20.  Listen to WBCL's midmorning program one day a week
21.  Enter at least 20 sweepstakes per week
22.  Make a To Do List
23.  Make my own laundry detergent
24.  Try at least 1 pin per month
25.  Make schedule cards or personal binder
26.  Find out how to publish a children's book
27.  Attempt to get the Children's books I have written published
28.  Write 1 more Children's book
29.  Learn how to publish ebook
30.  Write 1 ebook
31.  Read 2 books on parenting toddlers
32.  Read at least 1 relationship book
33.  Read at least 1 spiritual book
34.  Clean up email so I don't spend so much time in it

35.  Do devotions as a family after supper every day
36.  Go to at least 1 Moms and Munchkins event every month
37.  Go on at least 1 family vacation
38.  Go away for the weekend at least 4 times
39.  Paint the back room in the basement

40.  Have 2 date nights per month
41.  Go on at least one vacation without Little Man
42.  Go on a marriage retreat
43.  Read one book together with Mr. Random
44.  Do The Husband Project
45.  Go to at least 3 ballroom dances

46.  Spend 15 minutes a day just playing with Little Man
47.  Read at least 1 book to Little Man every day
48.  Have Little Man try 1 new food every week
49.  Have at least one photo day per month
50.  Have one Mother/Son date night every other month with Little Man
51.  Let Mr. Random go on one Father/Son date night every other month with Little Man
52.  Write down a Little Man’s new schedule
53.  Begin preschool with Little Man
54.  Find information on home school groups for preschoolers

Extended Family/Friends
55.  Get together with each side of the family at least once a month
56.  Get together with aunts to scrapbook once a month
57.  Have people over 1-2 times a month
58.  Visit my Sister at least twice

59.  Do my devotions 4 days a week
60.  Go on time to BSF
61.  Finish this year's BSF lessons
62.  Sign up for BSF for next year
63.  Continue being involved in family group

64.  Write at least 1 note of encouragement every month
65.  Take in a Foster Child
66.  Volunteer outside of the home at least once

67.  Maintain my weight through the holidays
68.  Exercise at least 3 times a week
69.  Fill out the Calorie Counter every day
70.  Lose 10 pounds in 2 months
71.  Lose 50 pounds in 1 year

72.  Work on budget 2 days every month
73.  Calculate how much extra we need to pay on the house to have it paid off in 3 years
74.  Go through the Dave Ramsey course again
75.  Pray and talk to other leaders about teaching a Dave Ramsey course
76.  Get the house on a mortgage from the bank
77.  Give generously as God prompts
78.  Continue to tithe 10% of gross income
79.  Continue to put at least 5% of income in God only knows fund
80.  Build up to 15% of our income going into our retirement funds
81.  Continue to pay extra on the house
82.  Save up and pay cash for a new air conditioner when it goes out
83.  Save up and go on a big vacation next year or the year after

84.  Write 2-3 posts per week
85.  Apply at least 1 of the Six Sister’s ways to grow my blog every week
86.  Write posts at least 1 week in advance
87.  Plan out posts at least 1 weeks in advance
88.  Host a biweekly linky party
89.  Contact 1 company a month about sponsoring my blog
90.  Post 1 Let's Talk post a month
91.  Post at least 1 recipe per month
92.  Post 1 Swagbucks post a month
93.  Post at least 1 product review per month
94.  Write 1 guest post every other month
95.  Post a giveaway at least every other month
96.  Host a big linky/giveaway party for my 1 year blogiversary
97.  Make a Blog Binder
98.  Read the Six Sister's 10 ways to grow your blog book
99.  Find some sponsors for/Save up and go to a blog conference this year or next
100.                      Grow my blog to at least 200 pageviews per day

So there they are, my 100 goals. What goals do you have for 2013?

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