Monday, December 10, 2012

A Children's Book Review - Firebird by Brent McCorkle and Amy Parker

I was supplied the book in exchange for reviewing it.

I had the opportunity to review this wonderful book. It is super cute. It is a story about a little bird who loves the sun and doesn't understand why God takes the sun away when it rains. One day his mom has him fly through the storm clouds to find out why. After this rough perilous journey little Firebird sees that the sun is still there and God still loves him even when things look bad. This is a great story that teaches little ones that God is there no matter what the circumstances. The story is well written and touching. The illustrations are beautifully done. I have read this to Little Man several times and he really seems to enjoy it. He loves looking at the bright colors (of course he also tries to eat it, but then again he is only 1 :) This would make a great Christmas present too!

Here is an example of the illustrations.

Here are some pictures of Little Man and I enjoying the book together :)

I was provided the book in exchange for reviewing it

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