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Blast from the Past 36 - 5 People I Love

This series consists of notes that I wrote on facebook in the past. Enjoy reading my thoughts during my college years. Please comment but please be nice! Also please feel free to check out my other Blast from the Past Posts.

From August 2007


Name 5 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 5people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first.. No cheating!!!

1. [Mr. Random]
2. [Sister who recently got married]
3. [youngest sister]
4. [brother]
5. [friend who is female]


How did you meet 3?
it was a very interesting introduction, when I first met her she prolly wasn't wearing anything, and she was prolly screaming her head off (she is my sister, I met her when she was born :)

What would you do if 1 and 2 were going out?
umm, run away screaming, cry my eyes out, and then wonder who snatched both of their bodies (what would you do if your boyfriend started dating your sister?)

How long have you known number 2?
18 years

A fact about 4!
he sleeps in my house every night

Who is 2 going out with?

What does 5 do for a living?
umm, I don't think that she has a job, do you have a job [friend]?

Where does 5 live ?
near the airport

Is number 1 your best friend?

Do you miss number 2 ?
no, I see her every day

Would you ever go out with number 1 ?
eww, no, that is beyond gross. eww, I might get cooties haha :)

What would you do if 3 and 4 were going out?
umm, that would be incredibly weird because my brother and sister would be dating, so umm, I am not going to think about that :)

Ever gone somewhere with number 5?
went to CFO w/ her :)

What would you do if 1 and 5 were going out?
umm, cry, why is this survey constantly trying match my boyfriend up w/ other people?

What do you think of number 3?
she is an amazing girl, she has handled the transition into teenagership very well and I look forward to watching her grow and mature into a wonderful woman

Ever slept over in the same house with any of the 5?
yup, I have actually slept in the same house as all of them at some point I have shared a room with [Sister],
[Sister], and [Friend], and actually I think [Brother] also at some point, and I have slept under the same roof as [Mr. Random] several times :)

Are you secretly in love with number 4?
umm, I love him, he is my brother, but no, I am not in love with him

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