Thursday, May 2, 2013

Diaper Wars Review 7: Huggies Little Movers


These diapers are very soft. Huggies is really good about making their diapers soft and snuggly. They are flexible and move well.

Rewards Program
These are a Huggies product so they fall under the Huggies reward program. Here is the info on the program.
Huggies does have a rewards program.You earn points by entering codes from diapers and wipes, and other Huggies products, and inviting friends (by the way send me your email address if you want an invitation, you get 10 points for signing up through an invitation). Apparently you can also get points for reading articles and writing reviews but I'm not sure how that works because I haven't done it. As far as the rewards go you can get shutterfly products like photo books and photo prints, magazine subscriptions, and things for your children.

Huggies offers coupons on their diapers pretty regularly. I have seen coupons for little movers many times, and often if you pair these coupons with cvs sales you can get these diapers for the same or less than the cheaper brands.
If you order your diapers through Amazon make sure that you check before you order because they have coupons you can use on Amazon orders  for several diaper brands including Huggies Little Movers.

These diapers are extremely stretchy. Both the back and around the legs stretch well (while still being soft) so they fit very well and comfortably.


These diapers are about average absorbancy. They didn't have any major leaks. They held up as well as many of the other brands.

Blowout Rate
I didn't have a chance to test this, because he didn't have any poops that could have been blowouts.

Wetness Indicator
There is no wetness indicator, but that is fine because at this age you can generally tell if the diaper is wet.


Prices are for previous brands are for size 1 diapers for equal comparison, however Little Movers only comes in sizes 3 and above so these prices are for size 3 diapers
Walmart - Box of 186 diapers for $47.17 = $0.25/diaper
Amazon - Box of 72 diapers for $18.78 (with subscribe and save, free shipping) = $0.26/diaper
Target - Box of 186 diapers for $47.19 = $0.25/diaper

*Prices reflect the price at the time I checked, they will vary. I am not  responsible for difference between these prices and current prices.

These diapers are very good diapers. If you can find them on a good sale with a coupon they are worth getting. I personally wouldn't pay full price for these diapers, because it isn't worth it. But they are definitely worth buying on sale (there are some brands that I will not buy even when on sale). Overall a good diaper.

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