Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DIY Flavored Water (Strawberry Watermelon and Three Citrus Water)

I did a lot of blog browsing to find great recipes to use for the bridal shower. One of the recipes I found was for flavored water. I thought that this was a genius idea that I had to try. It is so unique and pretty. I thought it added an extra touch of fanciness to the shower.
I am not super into flavored water. I actually like the taste of plain water (I love well water, yes I know I am weird). I prefer either full flavor drinks or plain water. I don't really care for watered down drinks. But for flavored water this is pretty good. I enjoyed it.
I made two types of flavored water Strawberry Watermelon and Three Citrus. You could make whatever flavors sound good to you. You could recreate your favorite flavored water with just a few ingredients!

DIY Flavored Water

Fruit (1-2 c per container whatever type is in season or that you like)
Glass Jars or pitchers
Utensil to press on the fruit


Cut Strawberries up, put in glass container and press a little with utensil.
 Add watermelon and repeat
 Add ice
 Add water
 For the citrus water put in the fruit and press.
 Again add fruit and water.
Refrigerate overnight.The next day strain out the fruit. Taste and see if it is to your taste.
I thought the waters were a little strong so I watered them down. I sweetened the citrus water with honey and sugar because it was a little bitter.

They came out looking beautiful and tasting good. I personally preferred he strawberry watermelon water because it was naturally sweet and I find the rinds of the citrus fruits to add a little too much bitterness.

What type of flavored water do you like?

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