Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Response to God in the Storm (#response)

Sometimes you think you have things planned. You think that you know what you are going to do and when. You think that you know what will happen the next day. Then life comes along and tells you otherwise. This week was exactly like that. Sunday night at midnight we went to the emergency room. Don't worry we are fine, it just turned out to be a new facet of the same issues that we have been dealing with but we didn't find that out until we had been there for over 3 hours. We didn't get home until around 4 so we didn't get a ton of sleep that night. We spent Monday recovering from the log night and we didn't get a lot done. The rest of the week went by in a busy fashion in which I didn't get done very much of the stuff I wanted to get done. Oh and Thursday I had to run errands because we were out of things and it was the hottest day that we have had this year (over 100 degrees). Then Friday was a whopper. Mr. Random got off work early so we would have some time to spend together before my sleep study that night. Well not to long after he got home a huge storm came up. I think this was one of the worst storms that I have ever seen. I heard that the winds got up to 80-90 mph. These horrible winds knocked down many things including tree limbs (and some whole trees) and power lines/poles. So about half of our surrounding area lost power. We were one of the unfortunates who lost power, and we have well water (which unlike city water you need electricity for because it has to be pumped out of the ground) so we also didn't have water. And our stove is electric so nothing to cook with, and we didn't want to open the fridge or freezers because we didn't want to let the cold air out so nothing to cook anyways. And of course no power means no air conditioning and not even fans and like I said it was 100 on Thursday, and Friday was somewhere in the 90s ad the rest of this weekend was somewhere up there too. The storm cooled it down a little bit but it shot back up pretty fast. Yeah, it was pretty crazy, but we all lived through it so God is Good!

Well like I said Friday night I was supposed to have a sleep study so after calling and finding out that the center still had power and was still doing the studies that night we decided that I should go ahead and go (it was going to be inconvenient any night). So I slept in relative comfort in a nice air conditioned room (and had some of the best sleep of my life because of a wonderful cpap machine, but more about that in another post) but poor Mr. Random and Little Man slept in our not air conditioned house. Little Man's room stays the coolest in the house, so he was comfortable ad slept well, but Mr. Random said he was miserably hot all night and didn't sleep well. So we set up to sleep at our church on Saturday night because it had electricity. We were worried about sleeping in the same room as Little Man because we might keep each other up, but it turned out fine, except he didn't nap well during the day. We were invited to lunch by some wonderful friends from church and when we got home around 2:30 our power was back on! We are not entirely certain when it came back on but we were so glad it was on and we could stay home! And as far as we can tell our food isn't even spoiled (most of it). So yay, God is Good! In all of this craziness God showed up ad took care of us and we are fine. Thank you God for protecting us and taking care of us in the big and small things!

Today our pastor's sermon was about our response to God and he encouraged us to write, or draw, or do something in response to God today (and he wanted us to put in #response). So this is my response.

Thank you God! Thank you for being there for us, for taking care of us! I love you for your power and goodness. I love seeing how you work in our lives! Thank you for my life, and my husband and precious baby. I have so much to thank you for I should never complain. I am sorry for complaining. Please help me remember all of the good and not dwell on the bad. Thank you so much!

How have you seen God working this week? What is your response to him this week?

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