Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blast from the Past 19 - Random Questions 2

This series consists of notes that I wrote on facebook in the past. Enjoy reading my thoughts during my college years. Please comment but please be nice! Also please feel free to check out my other Blast from the Past Posts.

From March 2007

ok, here it is, the return of the random questions :)

How can guys put girls in their interests section without getting embarrassed?

why does butter make everything taste better?

Why is butter so unhealthy?

Why is most yummy stuff bad for you?

Why do I get online so often?

Why am I usually bored when I get on?

Why was it so cold last night?

Why do snickers taste so good?

Why does everyone pair off their freshman year (or try to)?

Who invented high heels, and what gave them such a delusional thought?

Why do guys only rent a tux while girls have to buy every dress they are ever going to wear?

Why do you buy a dress only to wear it once? (go to more dances!)

Who am I?

Why are we all exactly where we are? What if I want to be over there?

Why does everyone think that cats are evil? mine is the sweetest :)

What if we all have the same favorite color we just see them differently so we think we all have different favorite colors?

Why doesn't doesn't anybody name their kid Hatshepsut? or Tutankhamen? or Moses?

Is it sacrilegious to name your kid Jesus?

Why does it cost so much to go to another country?

Why can't we drive across the ocean?

Did Job's family go to heaven after God killed them?

Why do phone numbers have 11 numbers in them?

Why doesn't a computer mouse look anything like a real mouse?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I intended to get on and post this yesterday but I was too busy spending time with my family. But Christmas wishes are still good right? :)

I thought I would share a few pictures that would help us remember the true reason for the season!

Merry Christmas!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are spending lots of time with family and friends!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Blast from the Past 18 - On Paradise Lost and Why I think Milton is An Idiot

This series consists of notes that I wrote on facebook in the past. Enjoy reading my thoughts during my college years. Please comment but please be nice! Also please feel free to check out my other Blast from the Past Posts.

From March 2007

Ok, I was inspired by [My Friend's] comment on my last meaningless note to write about why I think John Milton is an idiot and why he how he should learn to pick up a bible before he writes an entire book about the creation story.
I will list all the fallacies, and things I don't like, that I can remember, that we read about, we skipped several chapters so will not be commenting on those.
He asks for help from a muse/holly spirit I think this is degrading to the Holy Spirit because Milton is effectively putting him on the same level as fake Greek muses. He invokes a “real” muse later on in the exact same way as he did the Holy Spirit.
He is arrogant; he pretty much says that his book is a lot better than the other Classical poets, such as Virgil and Homer, when actually it is just more boring and harder to understand. He also claims to know the ways of God, he actually says that he will try to explain the ways of God to man. The bible says that no one can know the ways of God because his ways are far above our ways (I can’t remember the reference).
He presents Satan as an epic hero, meaning that he is doing good by straining to fight against something that is bigger than and stronger than he is. My teacher compared Satan to an underdog fighting to win against the best team, and how cool that was, and how we should be rooting for Satan. But what he failed to mention is that an underdog fighting to win a game is not sinful, but Satan's attitudes against God were extremely sinful, and we should never think of them as cool, so Milton should not be trying to portray them as cool.
The relationship between Satan, Sin, and Death is just disturbing, and weird and wrong, and that is really all that needs to be said about that.
Milton says that God and Jesus were separate from the beginning of time, and he implies somewhat clearly that the are not all together one God, but somehow separate in Godhood, that they are separate but equal, and that the son was created after God the father, they did no coexist eternally.
My teacher said that Milton implies that Satan’s sins are less forgivable because he is the one who started/ thought up sin, while humans were lead to sin by Satan. I think that Satan’s sins are not forgivable because they were not repented, never once did Satan actually feel genuinely sorry for his sin.
Milton says that God created the earth and people to replace the fallen angels, and to prove to Satan that he is all powerful. I think that God created us because he was lonely, he wanted someone made in his own image to love him because they wanted to, not because they have to.
Milton says that Adam and Eve worked, like tended the garden or whatever, I do not think that they had to work until after the fall, the bible does not specifically say this but why else would it be mentioned in the curse of Adam if they were already doing it? [This one my opinion has changed on some]
Milton says that Eve was surprised that the serpent could speak, the bible does not say that the Eve was surprised by the talking snake. In fact I would be surprised if the snake couldn’t speak, I mean it was Eden, how much cooler can you get than talking animals? Why shouldn’t they speak? I think Milton says that animals could not speak because he believes that humans are set apart from animals by their ability to reason. So if animals could speak they must have the ability to reason, and Milton values human reason, like the other classical poets as above pretty much everything else but God. So he can’t give animals speech, but I do not think that human reason is quite as important, or cool considering what it has brought us over the years, as the classic poets seem to think, so I do not see any reason why God would withhold that from animals at creation.
Ok, this next point is the one that really gets me because it actually affects my life. Milton says that Adam and Eve worked apart that day, and that Eve suggested it, and that is why she was tempted. Now go look this up in your bible, Genesis 3:6 says that Adam was with Eve when she was tempted. He was not off in some other part of the garden innocently doing his own thing until Eve came and seduced him and he selflessly gave up his eternal life so that Eve would be alone (this is what Milton says). NO he was with her, he was right there, just because Eve took the fruit first does not mean that she was the only one convinced by the snake, if Adam wasn’t convinced by the snake then why didn’t he try to stop her? The bible doesn’t mention him at all in that passage except to say that he was there and that he ate the fruit, does this tell us something? He was just as much to blame as Eve was. That is why this part affects my life, I have heard countless times over the years that women are worse, more evil than men because they ate the fruit, they seduced Adam, they brought sin on us all, well guess what, he was there too, he brought sin on us too, and maybe it is worse because he was a passive observer, he didn’t even try to stop her.
Now I am not sure about this but my friend said that Milton implied that Adam and Eve did not have sex until after they ate the fruit, which to me implies that sex is a sin. Well Adam and Eve were married (or the equivalent since they were the only people on earth and were literally made for each other) and sex is not a sin between a husband and wife. And since sex is a gift from God to married people, I do not see why he would not have given it at creation, why would it come only after eating the fruit that brought them sin?
And the last thing I can think of is that Milton says that God sends the son to deal with Adam and Eve. I find two problems with this, one is that he is still implying that the father and son were two separate entities at creation, I think that it is the accepted opinion that Jesus did not formally separate from the father until he took on human form. And the second problem is that God (the father) did not come and deal with Adam and Eve himself, I mean this is the first sin ever committed by humans and God couldn’t bother enough to go down and deal with it himself, he had to send his son to deal with it? I don’t think so.
So there you have it, a detailed, chronicled list of what and why I do not agree with Paradise Lost, do with it what you will, feel free to comment if you have a question, disagree, or agree. I can’t believe that I just stayed up till 2 writing this, maybe I should have used it as my paper for class :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

How to Help Sandy Hook

I am incredibly sheltered. I don't watch TV (we only watch things that come on DVD/VHS except in rare cases) and I don't read newspapers. I only listen to the radio in the van. So I only hear about things if someone tells me about it or if I see it on facebook or on blogs or something like that. I didn't even hear about the tragedy last week until well after the fact. I have struggled with how to respond to it. What should I do? A lot of bloggers did a day of silence and that is an interesting idea, but honestly the way I have been posting lately a day of blogging would look like most other days on here. I have faithfully read the posts that I have seen about people's responses even when it would be easier just to turn away and not have my heart hurt by all of this. I have been touched and even cried over the thought of families with empty arms, packages under the tree that will be not be opened, lives hurt and torn apart. I am very sorry for all the families who are affected by this senseless tragedy. I was presented an opportunity to help them in a small way this week and I wanted to share it with you in case you are searching for a way to help too.

I found this post that gives a couple way to donate and also answers the question of why they would need extra money. If you are looking for some way to help please go over and check it out.

How to Help Sandy Hook (Newton)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

100 Goals for 2013

Today I am not posting a  Blast From the Past Post because I have something even more cool for you. This is my 100th post. Whoohoo! So I thought it fitting given our proximity to the new year to post 100 goals for 2013. I got the Idea from Money Saving Mom's 2012 Goals Update. This post was was my inspiration and also provided me some of my goals. If you haven't heard of Money Saving Mom you need to go over and check out her blog, she has all sorts of amazing information on ways to save money and earn extra money and just make sure you are in a good place financially. I also got some ideas for goals from 43 Things and Mind Tools.

Yes, I know that they are not all for 2013, but I thought it sounded better that way :)

By the way, I am not insane, I know that I will not be able to achieve all these goals. I just figured that it would help me know what I was working toward and keep me on a track that I want to be on and choose to be on, instead of one that just happened to me. I want to start happening to my life instead of letting it happen to me (or however that saying goes).

So anyways, here they are:

Long Term
1.      Pay Off House 
2.      Save up and either add on to current house or buy a new house with cash
3.      Have good relationships
4.      Have more children
5.      Serve the community and world
6.      Continue as a Stay at Home Mom
7.      Home school our children
8.      Be Organized
9.      Have book(s) published
10.  Express myself through Art
11.  Travel
12.  Be more positive
13.  Have better posture
14.  Be healthy

15.  Go to bed by 11 pm
16.  Get up by 9 am
17.  Only check email during email time
18.  Think about (and adjust) my posture twice a day
19.  Write down one good thing someone else did every day
20.  Listen to WBCL's midmorning program one day a week
21.  Enter at least 20 sweepstakes per week
22.  Make a To Do List
23.  Make my own laundry detergent
24.  Try at least 1 pin per month
25.  Make schedule cards or personal binder
26.  Find out how to publish a children's book
27.  Attempt to get the Children's books I have written published
28.  Write 1 more Children's book
29.  Learn how to publish ebook
30.  Write 1 ebook
31.  Read 2 books on parenting toddlers
32.  Read at least 1 relationship book
33.  Read at least 1 spiritual book
34.  Clean up email so I don't spend so much time in it

35.  Do devotions as a family after supper every day
36.  Go to at least 1 Moms and Munchkins event every month
37.  Go on at least 1 family vacation
38.  Go away for the weekend at least 4 times
39.  Paint the back room in the basement

40.  Have 2 date nights per month
41.  Go on at least one vacation without Little Man
42.  Go on a marriage retreat
43.  Read one book together with Mr. Random
44.  Do The Husband Project
45.  Go to at least 3 ballroom dances

46.  Spend 15 minutes a day just playing with Little Man
47.  Read at least 1 book to Little Man every day
48.  Have Little Man try 1 new food every week
49.  Have at least one photo day per month
50.  Have one Mother/Son date night every other month with Little Man
51.  Let Mr. Random go on one Father/Son date night every other month with Little Man
52.  Write down a Little Man’s new schedule
53.  Begin preschool with Little Man
54.  Find information on home school groups for preschoolers

Extended Family/Friends
55.  Get together with each side of the family at least once a month
56.  Get together with aunts to scrapbook once a month
57.  Have people over 1-2 times a month
58.  Visit my Sister at least twice

59.  Do my devotions 4 days a week
60.  Go on time to BSF
61.  Finish this year's BSF lessons
62.  Sign up for BSF for next year
63.  Continue being involved in family group

64.  Write at least 1 note of encouragement every month
65.  Take in a Foster Child
66.  Volunteer outside of the home at least once

67.  Maintain my weight through the holidays
68.  Exercise at least 3 times a week
69.  Fill out the Calorie Counter every day
70.  Lose 10 pounds in 2 months
71.  Lose 50 pounds in 1 year

72.  Work on budget 2 days every month
73.  Calculate how much extra we need to pay on the house to have it paid off in 3 years
74.  Go through the Dave Ramsey course again
75.  Pray and talk to other leaders about teaching a Dave Ramsey course
76.  Get the house on a mortgage from the bank
77.  Give generously as God prompts
78.  Continue to tithe 10% of gross income
79.  Continue to put at least 5% of income in God only knows fund
80.  Build up to 15% of our income going into our retirement funds
81.  Continue to pay extra on the house
82.  Save up and pay cash for a new air conditioner when it goes out
83.  Save up and go on a big vacation next year or the year after

84.  Write 2-3 posts per week
85.  Apply at least 1 of the Six Sister’s ways to grow my blog every week
86.  Write posts at least 1 week in advance
87.  Plan out posts at least 1 weeks in advance
88.  Host a biweekly linky party
89.  Contact 1 company a month about sponsoring my blog
90.  Post 1 Let's Talk post a month
91.  Post at least 1 recipe per month
92.  Post 1 Swagbucks post a month
93.  Post at least 1 product review per month
94.  Write 1 guest post every other month
95.  Post a giveaway at least every other month
96.  Host a big linky/giveaway party for my 1 year blogiversary
97.  Make a Blog Binder
98.  Read the Six Sister's 10 ways to grow your blog book
99.  Find some sponsors for/Save up and go to a blog conference this year or next
100.                      Grow my blog to at least 200 pageviews per day

So there they are, my 100 goals. What goals do you have for 2013?

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Monday, December 10, 2012

A Children's Book Review - Firebird by Brent McCorkle and Amy Parker

I was supplied the book in exchange for reviewing it.

I had the opportunity to review this wonderful book. It is super cute. It is a story about a little bird who loves the sun and doesn't understand why God takes the sun away when it rains. One day his mom has him fly through the storm clouds to find out why. After this rough perilous journey little Firebird sees that the sun is still there and God still loves him even when things look bad. This is a great story that teaches little ones that God is there no matter what the circumstances. The story is well written and touching. The illustrations are beautifully done. I have read this to Little Man several times and he really seems to enjoy it. He loves looking at the bright colors (of course he also tries to eat it, but then again he is only 1 :) This would make a great Christmas present too!

Here is an example of the illustrations.

Here are some pictures of Little Man and I enjoying the book together :)

I was provided the book in exchange for reviewing it

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blast from the Past 17 - Facebook Friends Fun

This series consists of notes that I wrote on facebook in the past. Enjoy reading my thoughts during my college years. Please comment but please be nice! Also please feel free to check out my other Blast from the Past Posts.

From March 2007

Ok, I decided that I will update this every once in a while, when I feel like it and delete the old one and put in a new one, so here is a new one:)

Go to your wall and list the last twelve people who have commented you. If someone has commented twice, skip to the next new commenter. Skip spam stuff. Then answer the questions!

[Names have been deleted for privacy. You wouldn't know them anyways so don't cry about it :) (I don't even know all of them anymore) I will tell you that #1 was Mr. Random]

Q: Have you ever kissed number 7?
A: no

Q: What's the best memory you have of 9?
A: umm, lets see, walking back in the woods and getting scared to death

Q: When's the next time you're gonna see 4?
A: umm, tomorrow in Mainstream and Lit

Q: Is number 8 pretty?
A: umm, he is a guy so I don’t think that pretty is a good word to describe him :)

Q: What was your first impression of number 10?
A: umm, I don't remember

Q: How did you meet 3?
A: I met him when I went to a movie with a group of friends that he was a part of

Q: Is 11 your best friend?
A. no, but he helped me plan my wedding :)

Q: Have you seen 5 in the last month?
A: yes, I see her every day, probably close to every hour :)

Q: When was the last time you saw 12?
A: umm, a few hours ago

Q: Have you ever been to 1's house?
A: no

Q: When's the next time you'll see 10?
A: probably never, but I suppose I might run into her sometime when visiting [#12]

Q: Are you really close to 3?
A: no, not really

Q: Have you ever been to the movies with 6?
A: nope

Q: Have you ever gotten in trouble with 2?
A: nope

Q: Would you ever go out with number 7?
A: umm, no

Q: What do you and number 3 talk about the most?
A: umm we talked about the colors of dresses the other day :)

Q: Do you even know 9?
A: yeah, he was a close friend until he abandoned us :)

Q: Would you give number 3 a hug?
A: hmm, probably not

Q: Would you ever go on a date with number 11?
A: probably not

Q: Are you in love with number 12?
A: oh definitely, we are getting married tomorrow :)

Q: Have you ever lied to number 6?
A: I don't think so

Q: Do you know a secret about number 8?
A: hmm, I don’t think so

Q: Describe the relationship between number 9 and number 5.
A: hmm, in one word, complicated

Q: What is the best thing about your friendship with number 4?
A: she is a great person!

Q: What is the worst thing about number 1
A: hmm, he is a weirdo :)

Q: Have you ever danced with number 7?
A: No

Q: How long have you known number 12?
A: since like first grade

Q: Have you ever been in a fight with number 8?
A: I don’t think so

Q: Does number 9 have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: not at the moment

Q: Have you ever been a co-worker with number 6?
A: no

Q: Have you ever wanted to punch number 2 in the face?
A: no, why would I?

Q: Has number 1 ever met your mother?
A: not yet

Q. How did you meet number 6?
A. At the IPFW ballroom dance

Q: Did you ever accidentally physically hurt number 5?
A: probably

Q: Has number 4 ever seen you naked?
A: no

Q: What is the best memory you have with number 8?
A: hmm, well taking econ together was fun :)

Q: Do you live close to 7?
A: no

Q: What is number 2's favorite food?
A: I haven't the slightest idea

Q: Out of your top 12, which one would you say is the funniest?
A: Either #1 or #5

Q: Who is the most flirtatious?
A: #12

Q: If you could change one thing about number 10, what would it be?
A:I don't know her well enough to answer this question

Q: Say something nice about number 11.
A: umm, he is a good wedding planner? :)

Q: Which one lives the farthest away?
A: i think....i don't know

Q: Which one do you hang out with the most?
A: #12

Q: Who is the loudest?
A: #5

Q: The quietest?
A: #8

Q: What kind of car does number 4 have?
A: i don't know

Q: Have you traveled anywhere with number 11?
A: no

Q: If you gave number 4 $100 dollars tonight, what would they spend it on?
A: probably computer or writing stuff or maybe sheep :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blast from the Past 16 - Distractability

This series consists of notes that I wrote on facebook in the past. Enjoy reading my thoughts during my college years. Please comment but please be nice! Also please feel free to check out my other Blast from the Past Posts.

From March 2007

OK, I am bored again, and I haven't written one of my oh so inspiringly uninspiring notes recently so I have decided that that is what I should do. Unfortunately I have again come to the keyboard without any real topic to discus in mind. Oh well, does anybody even read these? Hmm, I bet [Mr. Random] will, and it seems that [a friend] at least read my last post :) So what should I talk about? If you guys (who actually read my posts) have any particular topics that you would like me to randomize about let me know :)
I am really just trying to avoid doing homework right now :) I seem to be doing a lot of that lately. But since it is not actually due tomorrow, but rather a suggested assignment I do not seem to have enough motivation to continue, that and the fact that I can't play music right now. I always thought that playing music while studying was weird and didn't help concentration at all. But today while I was trying to motivate myself to do my homework I just happened to have some music on, and wonders of all wonders I was able to concentrate. I think that the reason for this is that my mind has been very easily distract-able lately. While staring at a page of text and thinking that I am actually reading it my mind will completely wander from whatever the subject is. Then when I finally realize that I am no longer thinking about History, Paradise Lost (well this one has its own problems, namely that it puts me to sleep every time I attempt to read it), the bible (yes, I read through the same chapter like four times yesterday), or whatever else I am reading, I quickly glance at the page and try to figure out where exactly my mind drifted, and unfortunately it is usually somewhere soon after the first sentence. So anyways I guess my mind drifted a little there, what was I talking about? Oh yeah music, so I figured out that if my mind is going to be distracted anyways maybe I should try distracting it only slightly with something that really wouldn't completely distract me, and that happened to be music. and it worked, my mind, trying to fight off the distraction of the music was finally able to concentrate on the History reading! But then my roommate asked me to turn off my music because she couldn't concentrate on her homework ([Roommate] if you read this I love you, and it is totally not your fault that I am not doing my homework :), so I was immediately steeped once again in distract-ability. So here I am wasting my time writing notes that you are wasting your time reading :) Oh, well.

Comments from original post:

Mr. Random - ok, wow, THAT was random. yes, i have found that music helps me concentrate better...but that is just me.
ok, topic...why did God create Lucifier if He knew that Lucifer would fall, tempt man, man would fall, and Jesus would have to die for us all? Why couldn't God have avoided all that and just not create Lucifer? have fun. 

Me - well I was thinking about that the other day and I have come up with a theory. I think that maybe God knew that there had to be sin in the world so that humans would have free choice whether to love him, but he couldn't just put sin into humans or we would constantly be blaming him for giving us these sin natures so he made Lucifer and put the temptation there so we can blame Satan and ourselves for our sin and not him. Now I am sure that this is not the whole story, and it may be a little heretical, but it is the only thought that I have had on the subject so far.

Friend Mentioned Above - I read your note! It just...took me a few days, that's all. ;)

Concerning the whole music thing, it's a little strange, because I find that some music helps me to focus better while other music distracts me even more. Go figure.

And who needs to disc
uss the whole issue of why Lucifer was created? Just read Paradise Lost...'cause John Milton just has *all* the answers...

As far as topics to discuss go...hmm, that's a tough one. You could talk about how sometimes it seems as though the profs try to kill us by giving us an unreasonable amount of things to do. Or you could talk about all the reasons to *not* be a DMA major. Or, maybe, you could write about nothing...I've done that before, just to see how long I could go for. Is that strange? At any rate, anything would probably be fine, though I wouldn't recommend writing anything like, oh, say, an elaborate defense of the current movie policy on campus. Things of that nature tend to end up being more trouble then they're worth.

Oh, and by the way, in case you haven't realized it...the reason my comment was so long is because I'm procrastinating on studying. Really, I should be writing an outline for the Mainstreams exam on Friday, but...yeah. Not sure if that will end up happening at all tonight or not. :P 

Me - yeah, Milton is incredibly smart (totally sarcastic and rolling eyes :) Don't even get me started on what an idiot I think he is for having apparently not read the bible before deciding to write an entire book about the creation story, hmm, maybe that should be my next note :)
hmm, interesting topics [Friend], although I have done the write about nothing one, haven't you read any of my notes, including this one :)
and I totally understand trying to avoid homework, that is probably what I should be doing now, but since it is not due tomorrow, it probably won't get done, but glad I could help w/ your avoidance :)

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