Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Coffee Themed Bridal Shower (and free supplies list printable!)

Wow, I can't believe that it has taken me so long to post this. But here it is, detailed info about the bridal shower I threw for my sister. We did a coffee bridal shower because my sister loves all things coffee related. This is kinda an overview of the bridal shower, you can find out details of a lot of things by clicking on the links. The shower turned out great! My sister and her husband loved it. All the guests seemed to have a good time too. You can see more of my inspiration in my bridal shower pinterest board.

We held my sister's shower on a June Sunday afternoon at 2:00. We held the shower at my mom's church which had a great room with couches and an attached kitchen that was perfect for this.

For the food we had: 

Fruit Tray - Store bought by co-host
Veggie Tray - Store bought by co-host
Wrap Sandwiches - Store bought by co-host
Cheesecake Bites
Biscotti Bites - store bought
Chocolate Chip Cookies - used store bought dough
Coffee w/ sugar, creamer - store bought (I got several little packets of coffee from Target for less than $1 each, so we could try a couple different kinds)
Ice Tea - Store bought by co-host
Lemonade - Store bought by co-host
Hot Chocolate w/ marshmallows - store bought
Tea w/ sugar, creamer - store bought

We had way too much food. I didn't realize until afterward just how much food we had and how I spent a little too much. I think if I were to do it again I would make less items. Very little of the actual coffee was drunk because the coffee punch was such a big hit. So I probably would have served just one, maybe two types of coffee instead of the five types we had available. I probably would have made fewer desserts as well. But the food was very good and well enjoyed by all. And the coffee punch was a super big hit!

The Games I planned:

Wedding Things/Apples to Apples
The Story of the Bride and Groom - prizes for bride’s favorite, most true, least true, funniest
How Well Do You Know the Bride and Groom
What is in Your Purse
Wedding Bingo

You can find details about the games and free printables here.

Favors: Merci Chocolates (found at Target on clearance)
Prizes: Mini Ground Coffee Packets, Chocolate, Candles, etc.
Balloon Chandelier (we didn't have time to actually do this, but it is so cute, we did get the balloons blown up but they ended up just sitting on the floor)
Tablecloths (dollar store)

I used purple and brown because purple was the main wedding color.

2:00-2:10 Arrival - Purse Game
2:10 Introduce Ourselves, Name, How you know the bride or groom, What you like best about the bride
2:10-2:30 Food
2:30-2:45 Know Bride and Groom Game
2:45-3:00 The Story of the Bride and Groom
3:00-3:30 Open Gifts/Wedding Bingo
3:30-4:00 Wedding Things

I also made a Coffee Themed Present.

I also made a supplies list for the party, I thought that I would give it to all of you so you wouldn't have to recreate what I have worked on :) Print the Supplies List

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