Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 15 Most Underviewed Posts from 2012

Happy New Year!

In case you missed it the other day I posted my New Years" resolutions" in my 100 Goals for 2013 
post. I didn't feel like making any more resolutions, I think 100 is more than enough. So enjoy a recap of posts from 2012!

Again Happy New Year! If you have any goals for the New Year share them in the comments!

When I was working on the Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2012 post I was thinking about all the posts I put up this year, and about what a pity it was that there were so many great posts that weren't on that list, and that they weren't likely to be widely seen now since they were buried in my blog. So I thought why not feature some of my favorite posts that didn't have a lot of page views. I hope you enjoy these!

The Top 15 Most Underviewed Posts from 2012
In no particular order

Rice Bar Carry In Meal

Moist and Yummy Pumpkin Bread

What do I want to Do for Mother's Day?

Absolutely Delicious Granola Bars

How to Survive a Graduation Ceremony with a Baby

Coffee Themed Present on a budget

How to save time (and money, sorta): By Prebrowning Meat  - this will seriously save you a ton of time! You must go look if you use any type of ground or cut up meat regularly.

My Response to God in the Storm (#response)

Quick and Easy Lasagne

DIY Flavored Water (Strawberry Watermelon and Three Citrus Water)

Mini Fruit Pizzas

Painting the House: Little Man's Room

What are you Thankful for?

Positive Communication

How to earn Swagbucks for Free post 1

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse at some of my lesser viewed posts!


  1. I think it was a great idea to post the least viewed! You'll get more action now and some people (like myself) who are new to following might have missed them.
    Debbie :)

    1. Thank you! I thought it was a good idea :) I know it is easy for a post to kinda slip by unnoticed even thought there are people who would be interested in it so I thought I'd highlight a few of my favorites :) Hope they help others!


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